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Unlock the Power of Software License Management with OpenLM

Struggling to manage software licenses effectively, leading to costly overusages? OpenLM Software License Management (SLM) gives you the tools to transform the way you handle software licensing, save you money, and streamline your operations.

OpenLM Software License Management Solution

OpenLM Software License Management (SLM) solution helps you monitor license trends, obtain usage reports, generate insights, and reduce license costs. Additionally, it improves availability through our powerful license management system that maximizes the utilization of your existing licenses.

Why choose OpenLM SLM?


Enjoy unlimited monitoring for named user licenses, node-locked applications, floating licenses (75+ license managers), web/SaaS, and dongles.

Analytics & reporting

OpenLM provides in-depth reports on current and historical data. It also helps with prediction analysis.

Usage optimization

with denial reports, idle session tracking, and license harvesting

Cost optimization

Avoid unnecessary expenditure on new procurements or renewals

Multiple deployment options

We are available as both on-premise and cloud solutions

Transparent and scalable pricing

With OpenLM, you only pay for what you need. We believe in transparency and there is no hidden cost.

Avoidance of over-licensing:​

OpenLM helps organizations avoid over-licensing by providing insights into license usage patterns. This prevents unnecessary purchases and helps optimize license costs.

Optimizing license utilization: ​

The software identifies unused or underutilized licenses, allowing organizations to reclaim and make it available for usage. This can result in significant cost savings.

Pricing Option​


Per user, per month billed annually


A comprehensive suite of functionality that addresses all the requirements of license management


Per user, per month billed annually


Everything included in the monitoring plan plus the ability to harvest licenses.

Business benefits

Real-time usage monitoring

OpenLM provides real-time monitoring of software usage, enabling organizations to track who is using specific licenses and when. This information helps in making informed decisions about license allocation and procurement.

Centralized dashboard

OpenLM offers a centralized dashboard for managing licenses across various software applications. This simplifies the management process and provides a unified view of license usage.

Usage reports

OpenLM generates detailed reports on license usage, enabling organizations to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions.


The software provides insights into future license needs based on historical usage patterns, helping organizations plan for future software requirements.

Data for negotiations

OpenLM provides data on actual software usage, which can be valuable during negotiations with software vendors. Accurate usage data strengthens an organization's position when discussing license agreements and pricing.

Avoiding idling

By ensuring that licenses are available when needed, OpenLM helps prevent downtime caused by insufficient licenses or idle sessions. This contributes to increased productivity among users. OpenLM can identify idle applications and automatically close them

License policy enforcement

OpenLM allows organizations to enforce license usage policies, ensuring that users adhere to licensing agreements and organizational guidelines.

Scalable architecture

OpenLM is designed to scale with the growth of an organization. It can handle an increasing number of licenses and users as the organization expands.

Access control

OpenLM provides access control mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage license information.

OpenLM SLM Functionalities

Deployment options

OpenLM SLM is available in two deployment options: cloud version or on-premise version.

For ease of installation, automatic updates, and access to cutting-edge new features we recommend most customers go with OpenLM Software License Management Cloud.

For local network deployment, choose the on-premise version. Note that you will require additional hardware and will have to configure, maintain, and update the system on your own.

As always, both options come with 24/6 support so if you ever have any questions or issues, we are here to assist you.

Software License Management (SLM)​

Download and install or register online and explore the full, unlimited version of OpenLM for 30 days. During this time you will enjoy full support with no strings attached.

SLM Product Features

Available only for Enterprise and Site License Packages.

OpenLM product features add enhanced functionality to OpenLM products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A unique user (username) who has used one (or more) applications monitored by OpenLM in the past 3 months.

OpenLM Academic Program was established to provide license management software to accredited, degree-granting colleges and universities for non-commercial, not-for-profit, and educational purposes.

We calculate the pricing based on the number of users, not applications. This means that you now have the option to select the subscription that suits your license management needs. The Monitoring plan includes all the necessary tools to gain critical insights into license consumption, while the Automation edition extends OpenLM’s capabilities to give you more control over your software assets.

Certainly. Once you fill out the contact form, our sales team will get in touch and assist you with a demo of OpenLM. After the demo, you will be assigned a dedicated support representative who will answer all your questions.

OpenLM is committed to delivering the best experience to our customers. No matter the deployment type you choose, you get the same level of support. When compared to our on-premise solution, OpenLM Software License Management Cloud allows you to have a monitoring system up and running in minutes, without any software installation.

Payments can be done through ACH, credit card, debit card, or wire transfer to our local bank accounts in the Americas, EMEA or APAC region. We accept major international credit and debit cards. Please connect with for more details.

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