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OpenLM Alerts

Minimize the business impact of critical incidents with OpenLM’s alerts system

The OpenLM Alerts is designed to ensure the stability of the organization’s licensing system. It enables License managers to define alert conditions and act quickly when these conditions are met in your licensing environment.


The system can handle complex conditions over multiple license servers and features. Alert conditions may be added to the alert form. AND/OR logic may be applied between these conditions.


An alert immediately gives license managers/system administrators the critical information they need.


Get notified through your preferred communication channel or fire a corrective action immediately


The OpenLM Alerts feature can handle complicated situations for multiple license servers and features. There are several ways to show these alerts: 

You define what requires your attention

Reduce alert noise to identify the most pressing issues. Act or automate tasks. You decide what needs to be done and when.

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The OpenLM Alerts extension requires the OpenLM Agent to be installed on the end-user’s workstations and the OpenLM Server on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

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