Directory Sync

Integrate users and groups into OpenLM

OpenLM Directory Sync enables organizations to synchronize their directory service with the OpenLM database. Currently, this is possible for directories that follow the LDAP protocol: Windows Active Directory, ApacheDS, Novell eDirectory and cloud directories such as Google Directory, Microsoft Entra ID (Old Name: Azure AD), AWS Directory.

Connect your users, groups and workstations with OpenLM using Directory Sync to:


See your end users

OpenLM collects usernames from multiple sources and the license usage information it contains. But for efficient license monitoring and management, the username alone is not enough.

Avoid administrative overhead

Administrators can simply add or edit users manually in the OpenLM interface not using any file, component or device. Directory Sync eliminates the human error from the matrix and the time spent on manually adding end users. Just configure the synchronization definitions for the domains OpenLM will sync with.

Enrich usage reporting

Turn on directory synchronization to analyze software license usage data based on organizational structure. OpenLM will help you understand which end users are using which licenses and for how long. Having this information at their disposal helps IT admins make smarter purchase and licensing decisions in the future.

Allocate licenses automatically

Use group structure in license allocation and have it automatically updated based on changes in the directory hierarchical structure. OpenLM’s directory synchronization tool uses the LDAP protocol to read the accounts and their roles in the organization’s directory service. It then allows IT admins to automate resource allocations organization-wide.

Enable communication between users​

Alongside resource access rules, directory services also store the contact information of end users. OpenLM brings visibility of the organization’s software assets both to IT managers and end users. It paves the way toward better communication between employees worldwide.

How it Works

Enterprise customers use a central directory service that allows administrators to organize and manage the identity of end users. This means the organization stores the user’s name, email, phone, department, title, and all other relevant user details.

Admins usually want to have all this information stored in OpenLM for cross checking license usage with user information, and it can also be used for easily finding a user’s details if they need to call him.

Prerequisites & System Requirements

The Directory Sync usages extension requires the OpenLM Agent to be installed on the end-user’s workstations and the OpenLM Server on a dedicated machine. Download these components here.

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