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Roles & Permissions

The Roles & Permissions Extension allows different users to access OpenLM according to their predefined roles

Set custom roles with custom permissions

OpenLM has a role-based security feature that allows system administrators to set custom user roles to give granular permissions to OpenLM tools. This feature makes it easier for different groups, such as the Help Desk, System Administrators, Managers, and Developers to use OpenLM tools. Safeguard OpenLM system’s resources such as listed servers, fields, and action buttons with the role-based security system.

Key features

*Directory Sync required

Managing Access Rights Doesn't Have to be Complicated

It gives you visibility of end-user access rights and complete control over the management of the OpenLM software. Roles and Permissions helps you speed up access to OpenLM’s tools, the organization’s resources, and automation of user provisioning and deprovisioning. 

With Roles and Permissions you can:

*You need an Automation subscription to have access to all Roles & Permissions features

Roles & Permissions

Remove the burden from IT, and delegate access rights management

OpenLM Roles and Permissions is designed to standardize user credentials with role-specific templates.  Speed up the flow of access management by decentralizing access rights management delegating the task to department leaders manage user access privileges through the OpenLM EasyAdmin user interface.

Gain visibility of everyone’s roles and permissions

Gain visibility of everyone’s roles and permissions

GDPR and other regulations all necessitate stringent monitoring of user access, especially for users with access to mission-critical or sensitive, personally identifiable information.  To ensure that you are constantly aware of who has access to which resource, OpenLM's Roles and Permissions feature was designed to become the one-stop shop for centralized user-access management.

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Automate user account provisioning and deprovisioning

Speed up the process of adding new users and canceling their accounts by combining it with OpenLM's Directory Sync feature. IT departments can quickly and easily create secure accounts for a large number of users by connecting our software to the organization’s main directory.  When someone joins, the right permissions are (automatically) granted.  When an employee leaves, all permissions granted to that end user are revoked.  When someone moves to another department, old permissions are revoked, and new permissions given.

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