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When it comes to applications developed by Bentley such as MicroStation, StaadPro, AutoPIPE, and more, over-usage charges can add up quickly, leaving organizations frustrated with unexpected IT expenditures. Under such situations, implementing the OpenLM Solution for Bentley can be prudent as it reduces over-usage charges, monitors usage of features, and streamlines and simplifies license management.


Bentley license management with OpenLM Applications Manager ensures that your organization is using its Bentley CAD applications within the purchased limits, saving you money and reducing wasted time.

Popular CAD applications developed by Bentley

Bentley has developed industry-standard CAD applications such as MicroStation, StaadPro, AutoPIPE, OpenRoads, and more. Find an exhaustive list of Bentley applications here.

Now monitor and control over-usage of Bentley CAD applications

With OpenLM’s Bentley license monitoring solutions, you can monitor and control the usage of Bentley CAD applications at both the application and feature levels. Now relax and concentrate on your projects and other business priorities while we ensure that your organization’s Bentley license usage is within the purchased limits.

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How to avoid Bentley’s over-usage charge at feature levels?

When you purchase a specific number of licenses for different Bentley CAD applications and features, Bentley does not restrict usage beyond the purchased quantity, as per their Trust Licensing policy. However, exceeding the allocated licenses results in over-usage charges which the customer has to pay as a penalty.


OpenLM solution for Bentley applications helps in restricting the usage beyond the purchased limit. The solution not only checks the usage of the Bentley application and its features, but it also controls the usage helping you to avoid unexpected additional charges for overuse.

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Business value

Our customers are reporting over-usage charges that are raising their expenses by 20% to 50% compared to the software’s budgeted cost. The inability to limit license consumption creates over-usage costs. Also, it allows users to consume more expensive feature licenses that they don’t need or are not part of the original contract.


With OpenLM Solution for Bentley, the expected savings on your Bentley software cost are expected to be 20% or higher.

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