Interfacing the Sparx License Manager - HT905
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Interfacing the Sparx License Manager – HT905

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Sparx is one of the many license managers supported by OpenLM. In this step-by-step guide we will explore how to configure OpenLM to interface with the Sparx License Manager in order to monitor license usage and obtain license statistics.

1. Requirements

2. OpenLM Broker configuration

3. OpenLM Server configuration

4. Verify the Sparx License Manager configuration

5. Known Limitations

How OpenLM interfaces with the Sparx License Manager

Diagram of how OpenLM Broker interfaces with the Sparx License Manager and the OpenLM Server


1. Requirements

  1. OpenLM Broker v4.6 installed and configured on the Sparx license manager machine.
  2. OpenLM Server v4.6 installed and configured on a network computer.


2. OpenLM Broker configuration

1. Download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the Broker configuration guide for step-by-step instructions.

2. Select the hostname node (e.g. L312MD) and then click on Add Port.

OpenLM Broker Sparx License Manager settings

3. Enter the Sparx server port number (default: 7770) and select the License Manager Type as Sparx from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Apply.

5. Under the newly created node, right-click Log Files → Add Log File.

6. Configure the Log File Definition screen as follows:

Type – SSKS Log

Name (Descriptive) – a name to help you identify the purpose of the log

Path – click on the […] button and navigate to the logs folder where your installation of Sparx is located. The required file is named ssksLog.log

Vendor – select the Vendor that you have defined in the Vendors node (by default: “Vendor Name to Be Filled”)

OpenLM Broker Sparx License Manager Log File settings

Default Encoding UTF -16 for Sparx License Manager:

The default encoding set is UTF -16 for Sparx License Manager. For the log files stored in UTF -16 encoding, this encoding must also be configured to UTF -16 in OpenLM Broker to read these log files, as shown in the image below.

Note: A UTF -16 log file will have BOM prefix. In such a case, OpenLM Broker should be configured (as mentioned below) to read a log file as UTF -16. OpenLM Broker reads BOM and applies proper order. If UTF -16 encoding fails and BOM prefix is missing in the log file for any unknown reason, you can configure UTF -16LE manually in OpenLM Broker.

To configure encoding manually, the option to select Encoding is available under the Advanced section in the Log File Definition screen. Select the required encoding, for example: UTF – 16, from the drop-down options available for the Encoding field.

Default Encoding UTF -16 for Sparx License Manager

7. Click Apply to save the changes.

8. Click Restart Broker, wait a couple of seconds then finally click OK on the “Service started successfully” dialog pop-up.

9. Open the EasyAdmin interface either by accessing http://<Server IP>:7019 in your browser or through the Start Menu → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface shortcut)

10. In the License Servers window, click “Approve” on the Sparx entry that has been added automatically.

Approving the Sparx License Manager in EasyAdmin


3. OpenLM Server configuration

Although it is possible to manually add the Sparx license manager in the OpenLM Server Configuration tool, we recommend letting EasyAdmin handle this process automatically once you have approved the license manager in the License Servers window (step 10 above). The following instructions are provided mainly for reference purposes in case the automatic configuration process fails.

1. Open the OpenLM Server configuration tool (Start Menu → OpenLM → OpenLM Server)

2. Click Add.

3. Configure the server screen as follows:

Configuring Sparx License Manager manually through OpenLM Server Configuration Tool

Enabled – checked

Type – OpenLM Generic

Description – a name to identify the Sparx server

Time Zone – the time zone where the Sparx server is located

Sample Rate – leave default (60 seconds)

Is Triad Configuration – unchecked

Hostname – the Sparx LM hostname or IP

Port – the Sparx LM communication port (default: 7770)

Use Broker – checked

4. Click Apply to save the configuration.


4. Verify the Sparx License Manager configuration

To see if the Sparx License Manager is being monitored correctly:

1. Open the EasyAdmin web application either by going to the address of your EasyAdmin Server (i.e. http://localhost:7019/EasyAdmin2/) or by accessing the shortcut in the Windows Start Menu → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface

OpenLM EasyAdmin User Interface

2. Click EasyAdmin Start → Widgets→ License Servers. The License Servers window appears. Verify that the configured license manager appears on the list. A green circle node indicates an active connection to a license server.

Sparx License Manager in the EasyAdmin's License Servers widget


5. Known Limitations

    • License denials are currently not monitored




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