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Software License Management


Why Software License Management?

The need for effective software license management usually originates from one of the following business problems:

  1. Uncertainty about the the benefit of new licensing models
  2. Lack of knowledge about what software you have in your organization
  3. Concerns about compliance with vendor licensing agreements
  4. High software expenses and a desire to reduce software spend

Engineering Software License Procurement Report

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OpenLM’s Software Licensing Tools

OpenLM is a software licensing tool that is meant for organizations that use engineering software, particularly engineering software that is licensed under a concurrent licensing model.

Regarding license inventory, OpenLM does the accounting for you automatically and lets you know exactly what you have paid for – vendor, product and features – including the features you’ve bought but never used. OpenLM Software license management will give you the opportunity to cancel software license feature renewals that no-one needs.

OpenLM empowers the user organization to implement software metering by which engineering application usage can be monitored, audited and reported. You can reach higher efficiency and maximize usage of your software licenses while reducing instances of denials when your engineers cannot check out a license.

Software Licensing Tools for the User Organization

OpenLM is a software licensing tool for organizations that use engineering software. It provides the organization that uses the software with capabilities that can lower software licensing spend, identify licenses that are paid for but not in use and help the organization achieve efficient license usage ratios for concurrent (floating) licenses. OpenLM Core provides license inventory management, usage monitoring, denials reporting and auditing capabilities so you can perform internal auditing and control on your own inventory. Below we list the main functionality provided by our software licensing software.

Software Inventory Management Tool

OpenLM analyzes your license files and provides you with all the information you need to know about the packages you have purchased including vendor, product and features together with the renewal dates for each of they are not permanent licenses. You can set up alerts to let you know well in advance of any pending renewals and you can know the usage levels for every item in your software inventory.

Optimizing Concurrent Licenses

Beyond license inventory and engineering application usage, OpenLM is a tool for optimizing your licenses. The utilization report will tell you how many licenses you need for the quality of service (non-denials) you choose.

The Software License Usage Tool

The OpenLM tool for software license usage shows you how many licenses are in use at any one time – in real time – and retains this information for historical data reporting. The license usage tool also shows you the number of denials received when your users request a license and it isn’t available.This is also known as software metering.


Software Metering of Engineering Software Licenses

OpenLM is a software metering tool for engineering software licenses. It can track and measure your software usage and implement application usage control.

In contrast to many software asset management and other license management software tools, OpenLM gives you detailed information far beyond the ‘high level’ summary of software inventory and license check-outs and gives you a minute by minute or second-by second monitoring capability to audit and report on  application usage.

Verification of License Denials

OpenLM gives you true denials information. By combining multiple consecutive attempts by an engineer to check-out an unavailable license, into a single event, you get a representative picture of license availability and have a means to verify the accuracy of claims that a license is not available. This gives you valuable information to help with decision making on whether or not you need to purchase additional licenses.

License Harvesting

OpenLM allows you to ‘harvest’ licenses, that is save and close or suspend and resume sessions where engineering software licenses have been checked out but are not being used.


License Managers – What About Them?

A common mistake made by people responsible for the administration of software licenses is in believing that the license manager software provided by the vendor ensures optimal use of the software. The main purpose of such software management software is to prevent concurrent use of the software beyond what the licensing agreement has defined.


Software License Management and the GSA

OpenLM is on the GSA schedule 70. As an official supplier to the U.S. Federal government. OpenLM can help in the GSA’s shared-service, Software License Management as a Service (SLMS) as a unique and critical tool in monitoring engineering software licenses to the benefit of both the service providers and agencies alike. As such we envisage OpenLM playing an increasing role in the GSA SLMS program.