OpenLM helps you choose the right Autodesk license for end users

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Autodesk reports miss out an important piece of information that is critical when planning software procurement: actual usage. This costs you money in the long run, as you will end up paying for unused software.

The OpenLM Agent fills that gap and helps you understand whether you are getting good value out of that software license. Take back control in managing your software assets and make decisions based on actual software usage.

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Why monitor named user licenses with OpenLM?

Actual usage

Get answers to the most appropriate questions for software managers:

Access to insights into how the allocated software license is being used The OpenLM Agent delivers insights into the session duration EasyAdmin user interface shows everything about frequency of use.

Cost effective

Why pay a premium for every license you want to monitor when you can have the data for a fraction of the money and even more detailed insights?

Optimize your license inventory and save on licensing costs with OpenLM.
(premium plan required)
Usage detailsby daysby minutes
Real-time usage
Session duration
Actual usage
Historical usagemax 12 monthsany time
Project usage
Group usage
Product name and version
Last accessed date**
Frequency of use
Users by product
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When you are about to renew your three-year contract, you will want to know how much value you are going to get from it. Looking back at just 12 months of historical license usage data provides only a fraction of that period. That’s why you need your own database that contains all license usage statistics, and that’s what OpenLM provides you with.

Real-time license usage is for you to see who is using what license at the moment of querying OpenLM on the current use of your software assets. To see all active users, open the EasyAdmin Currently Consumed Licenses (CCL) Window: EasyAdmin Start → Operational → Currently Consumed Licenses.

Session duration will give you the exact amount of time the application was used by the end user. Autodesk’s license usage metric is by day, which doesn’t give you the complete picture. One session could take only 10 minutes, and Autodesk will count it as a full day. That skews your license usage statistics.

Actual usage is a metric that distinguishes active from inactive license usage. Active license usage is the amount of time the engineer was using the Autodesk software. As an OpenLM user, you can set the System resource thresholds under which a process is considered idle.

Project reporting enables project-oriented companies to get license usage time according to the active project, as reported by the end user. This functionality is often applied when implementing a license chargeback policy (license usage billing).

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