What is FlexNet Embedded? - Software License Management
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What is FlexNet Embedded?

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What is FlexNet Embedded (FNE)?

FlexNet Embedded is a small-footprint SDK for license management that can be used to protect software on all platforms, although it was primarily designed for IoT devices.

Embedded software licenses are not a new concept, but Flexera® has revisited the concept and produced a solution in system development kit (SDK) format with a very small footprint of approximately 50k. The vendor who purchases the solution can tailor the license to fit their particular offering to achieve a number of benefits for themselves and their licensees. The embedded licenses are part of Flexera®’s Software Monetization Suite, formerly called the FlexNet Producer Suite, which was originally launched about a decade ago. The embedded licenses are the mechanisms for managing the software and gathering licensing information.

OpenLM versions 4.5 and higher support Flexnet Embedded (FNE) that has XML API enabled such as Avid or Nvidia.

OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring FlexNet Embedded:-

  • Denials Reporting No
  • Report resolution By Second
  • Borrowed License reporting Yes
  • Expiration Date reporting Yes
  • Multiple Server Redundancy Support No
  • Token License Support Yes

FlexNet Embedded (FNE) is only one of over 25 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.

For step-by-step instructions on how to monitor FlexNet Embedded servers with OpenLM, consult HT907.

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