FAQ KB- Does support more software licensed by FLEXlm ?
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FAQ KB- Does OpenLM support more software licensed by FLEXlm ?

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Yes. OpenLM is built as a general infrastructure for software licensed by floating license managers like Macrovision Flexnet – flexlm. Over 2500 independent software vendors have used the FLEXnet / FLEXlm family of products. Among them are companies and applications from Abaqus, Autodesk, AVEVA (PDMS), Borland, Cadence, CADopia (IntelliCAD), Cognos, EDS, I-Deas, Macromedia, Mathsoft (MathCAD), Mathworks (Matlab), Mentor, Pixar, Platform, Progman/Cadcom, PTC (Pro-Engineer), Rasterx (RxView), Rational, Softimage, Solidworks, Sybase, Synopsys, Unigraphics, WindRiver, etc.

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