What is SEH-UTN Manager?

What is SEH-UTN Manager? 


UTN Manager is SEH Computertechnik’s license manager for the company’s dongle and UTN servers. These devices accept up to 20 dongles that control licenses for the vendors who supplied them, such as an engineering software vendor who prefers to use a Gemalto Sentinel HASP or a Wibu Codemeter dongle to protect their software. This has several benefits for the customer of the vendor:-

  • The dongle is in a secure place and cannot be lost
  • Any user who has access rights can use the software across the network
  • Better usage is available, as the dongle is always available and accessible when not being used, and not stuck in someone’s laptop or laptop bag.
  • Virtual machines are supported


OpenLM can access the dongle server and analyze the usage of the various vendors whose dongles are installed on the server. It provides the following functionality:-

  • Denials Reporting No
  • Report resolution By Minute
  • Borrowed License reporting No
  • Expiration Date reporting No
  • Multiple Server Redundancy Support No
  • Token License Support No


UTN Manager is only one of over 70 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.


Who is SEH?


Based in Bieleveld Germany, not far from Munster and Paderborn, SEH Computertechnik GMBH was founded in 1986. S,E and H were the initials of the founder’s surnames. Their focus was on supplying hardware and software solutions for networking and printers, especially printer servers. With the rise of the USB ports and USB devices, they developed UTN (USB to Network) protocols, culminating in the development of a USB device server product line called MyUTN. With products such as Primos, which makes network printing both secure and simple, and MyUTN-800 Dongleserver, which can hold up to 20 dongles for general access across the network, SEH provides large corporations with cost-effective and controlled solutions to networking and virtual computing. The dongle server is the answer for companies whose software vendors insist on hardware licensing and protection. Management and control of access to the dongles is done via the UTN Manager software tool, which can in turn be monitored by OpenLM’s license manager.

Customers include IKEA, Motorola, and the US Air Force. 

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