Extracting DSLS information using command lines

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Scope #

During the development of OpenLM’s interface to Dassault Systemes’ proprietary license manager: DSLS, we needed to extract DSLS information using command lines.

The following is an account of the commands used in this process, and examples for commands’ output. The logs are typed in a manner that would fit this page, and are edited to be non-personalized.


Commands #

DSLicSrv -admin [-I inputFile] [-t OutputFile]

Employs the DSLS license administrator tool in command line mode.

  • Optionally redirect the output to OutputFile
  • Optionally run the license administrator commands from a command file.

The DSLS administrator tool was employed in command line mode. The admin> prompt appeared.


connect [port]

Connect the administration tool to a license server on a specific port .

The following was emitted on the screen:

License Administration Tool Version 6.210.0 Built on Oct 6, 2010 10:49:19 AM.
admin >connect 4084

Software version : 6.210.0

Build date : Oct 6, 2010 10:49:19 AM

Standalone mode Ready : yes

Server name :

Server id :



Get license server configuration

The following was emitted on the screen:

admin >getConfig
Server configuration Standalone mode
Computer name :

Computer ID :

Licensing port : 4085

Administration port 4084

Password protected : no

Remote administration enabled : no

License usage statistics enabled : no



Get license information


The following was emitted on the screen:

admin >getLicenseInfo

Status active

Editor Dassault Systemes

Model ConcurrentUser


Quantity 50

StartDate 2011-08-17.00:01.UTC

EndDate 2012-08-31.23:59.UTC

MaxReleaseNumber 1

MaxReleaseDate 2012-08-31.23:59.UTC

MaxUsageDuration 0

MaxUsagePeriod 0

LicenseType Floating

CommercialType STD


RepGroupIndex 1

RepFileIndex 1

RepFileQuantity 2


ComputerName unknown


CustomerCountry USA


GenerationDate 2011-08-18.20:20.UTC

GenCompany Dassault Systemes



getLicenseUsage -all

Show current license usage


admin >getLicenseUsage -all
Dassault Systemes

// 1st Feature
release : 1

type : ConcurrentUser

count : 50

inuse : 2

      // 1st usage table:

      consolidation : /

      granted since : Nov 28 2011 11:38:14


// 2nd usage table

// 2nd Feature …


Disconnect the DSLS administration tool from the license server.

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