FAQ KB - What does the Broker do? Do I need it ?
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FAQ KB – What does the OpenLM Broker do? Do I need it ?

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The OpenLM Broker is an optional component that runs on the license server machine. It performs tasks as dictated by OpenLM Server, and is required in order to provide advanced licensing information and sophisticated abilities. It is an independent java based software module that can run on any license server operating system, e.g.: UNIX, Linux or Windows.

The Broker’s main task is to query License usage information locally on the License Manager machine, and propagate this information to the OpenLM server. In addition, it provides a long list of benefits:


License server log information

  • License denials information
  • Accurate 1-sec resolution reporting
  • Offline licenses

License file information

  • License packaging
  • License versions
  • Expiration date
  • License pools


  • Local admin permissions: No restriction to local security considerations
  • No restriction to network security (Firewall) considerations

License management

  • Dynamic FlexLM Options file management
  • Remote administrative actions (e.g. start/stop/reread license servers)
  • Removal of currently consumed licenses

Network Robustness

  • Support complex configurations, e.g. license servers that work over WAN networks.
  • No message round-trip delay
  • Buffering of messages bound to the OpenLM Server


  • Flexibility in configuration
  • Import files from the license server machine to the OpenLM Server machine, making them available for EasyAdmin users
  • Edit and upload license files to the license server

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