What is BetaLM? - OpenLM Software License Management
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What is BetaLM?

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What is BetaLM?

BetaLM is Beta CAE’s proprietary license manager that manages its CAE products, such as the ANSA pre-processor and the META post-processor. As this is simulation software, it runs in batch mode.
OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring BetaLM Licenses:-

Denials Reporting Yes
Report resolution By Second
Borrowed License reporting Not applicable
Expiration Date reporting Yes
Multiple Server Redundancy Support Triad
Token License Support No

BetaLM is only one of over 30 license managers that OpenLM can manage. Check the list.


Who is Beta CAE Systems?

From its founding in Lucerne some 25 years ago, Swiss CAE software company, BETA CAE has expanded world-wide, with locations in the US, India, Japan and across Europe. Their best-known products are the ANSA pre-processor and META post-processor, which are widely used in the automotive, aerospace and petrochemical industries. They have written their own proprietary license manager, BetaLM. BETA CAE’s simulation software is optimized to run on both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. ANSA can also accept a wide range of data formats from other CAE vendors, such as Dassault and Siemens.

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