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Autodesk Token-Flex

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What is Autodesk Token-Flex?

Autodesk Token-Flex Licensing is a hybrid license model where the contract covers all the software the enterprise requires from Autodesk’s product portfolio, with a license allocation of 9,999 licenses per product. The pricing is however based on token usage. The customer decides on the products his enterprise requires. Once the required products have been defined, the customer purchases tokens to run them.

Each product has a fixed token “cost”, which is based on 24 hours of use per user. This “cost” is higher for specialized tools; Revit has a higher token price than AutoCAD.

Location is also factored in, and time of day when a session starts and stops can materially affect the cost. For a more detailed explanation, please read this article.

OpenLM provides the following functionality for monitoring Autodesk Token-Flex Licenses:-

  • Denials Reporting Yes
  • Report resolution By Day, in arrears
  • Borrowed License reporting No
  • Expiration Date reporting No
  • Multiple Server Redundancy Support Yes
  • Token License Support Yes


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