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The software cannot be installed on mobile devices. Please provide your email address and we will send you the Download Link.

On this page you can download the full-featured version of the main OpenLM product (OpenLM for Engineering Licensing) and the additional components needed to realize the full power of OpenLM for Engineering Licensing. Each one is described below.

Download OpenLM For engineering licenses - on premise

OpenLM For Engineering Licensing - On Premise

Download OpenLM for FREE OpenLM Trial – Full, unrestricted OpenLM productFREE for 30 days. Enjoy the full-featured version with all its extra benefits :

  • Denials reporting
  • End-user queries
  • The option of using OpenLM extensions
  • Directory Synchronization
  • Alerts
  • High availability and more.
Download OpenLM for engineering licenses - web based

OpenLM For Engineering Licensing- Web Based

If you don’t want to install OpenLM on your network, try the web based option

OpenLM Web Based 

Want the smoothest installation possible? Follow the steps in the installation guide.

If you need help, click on the chat button on this screen then select the technical support option (when offline, leave your details and we’ll call you back),
and/or watch the video Installing the OpenLM Server and the OpenLM Broker,
and/or watch the video Configuring OpenLM Cloud.

Before you Install be sure to read the system requirements and software revisions

Upgrade to OpenLM latest version

See what’s new in v4.5.

As the license format has changed , if you are upgrading to v4.5 from any version prior to v4.4, please request a license file from 

 OpenLM Broker- this OpenLM server requires broker version 4.3 or higher

OpenLM Agent- this OpenLM server version requires OpenLM Agent version 4.3. or higher

Please note – this version requires .NET 4.7.2 or higher. 

For customers using IIS, it is mandatory to implement the following configuration, before upgrading.


OpenLM Light, Free

Designed for small organizations. This version allows you to monitor up to 1 vendors and 25 users.

This version includes :

  • Group Usage
  • Project Usage
  • Alerts
  • Read license file

OpenLM Broker for Windows

The OpenLM broker provides added functionality to the OpenLM Server such as denials monitoring. An instance should be installed on each license manager server you have. Click to download the latest version for Windows-based license servers. Requires OpenLM server v4.3 or higher and Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher.

OpenLM Broker for Linux

The OpenLM broker provides added functionality to the OpenLM server product, such as denials monitoring. An instance should be installed on each license manager server you have. Click to download the latest version for Linux, UNIX, OS X license servers.

Note: This Version requires OpenLM Server 4.3 or higher

OpenLM Router

OpenLM License Router is a virtual license manager that can redirect requests made by users who want to check out a license from the license manager. Click to download the latest version 2.0.20

OpenLM Agent

The OpenLM agent gives your engineers the ability to see the license availability for their concurrent-license engineering software. Install it on any number of workstations you like. Click to download the latest  version Requires OpenLM server v.4.5 and Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 or higher

OpenLM App Manager

OpenLM Applications Manager

A system for monitoring and controlling the use of any software in the organization regardless of the licensing scheme in effect. Click here to download the latest version 2.1.6

Please note –  this version requires OpenLM server v.4.5 or higher
request a license file from

OpenLM App Manager

OpenLM Reports Scheduler

OpenLM Reports Scheduler facilitates generation of predefined reports, and submission of these reports to predefined recipients, on predefined schedules. OpenLM report scheduling capability is not part of the basic OpenLM suite. (Version 1.6.15)

Requires OpenLM server v.4.5 or higher

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