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OpenLM Downloads

Download OpenLM Now

On this page you can download the full-featured version of the main OpenLM product (OpenLM Core) and the additional components needed to realize the power of OpenLM Core. Each one is described below.

If you don’t want to install OpenLM Core on your network, try it on the cloud: sign up now to OpenLM Cloud.

OpenLM Core

This is the full, unrestricted OpenLM Core product (version

Download for:

  • A FREE evaluation of OpenLM    OR
  • An upgrade to the latest version


If you want to see license denial information, you will also need to download and install OpenLM Broker, see below.

For Users of the OpenLM Agent, this OpenLM Core version requires OpenLM Agent version or higher.


Want the smoothest installation possible?

Click on the chat button on this screen then select the technical support option to get personal guidance
(when offline, leave your details and we’ll call you back),
and/or watch the video Installing the OpenLM Server and the OpenLM Broker,
and/or watch the video Configuring OpenLM Cloud.

Before you Install

Be sure to read the system requirements and software revisions pages before installing

OpenLM Light

This is a free version of OpenLM, meant for small organizations. If you have up to 50 users and want to monitor and audit engineering software from 1 vendor only, this could be the solution for you.

Remember, you can also try out the full version of OpenLM for 30 days free. It will give you the the following benefits that OpenLM Light doesn’t have:

  • Denials reporting
  • High availability
  • End user inquiries
  • Option of using OpenLM extensions such as Directory Synchronization, Reporting Hub, Alerts and more
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Unlimited Users



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