INTES is an organization based in Germany, which was founded in 1984. INTES PERMAS is one of the major solutions developed by the organization.

A brief overview

INTES PERMAS is one of the most developed Finite Element Software Systems all over the world. With it, organizations get a comprehensive range of industrial solutions with peak performance, quality and dependability. It includes solutions for dynamics, statics, fluid-structure acoustics and optimization, and heat transfer. Here are the major areas of application for PERMAS.


Robust Optimum Design

Experimental Modal Analysis

Engine Analysis

Mechatronic Components

Car Body Analysis

Brake Squeal Analysis

Rotating Systems

Part Connections

Actively Controlled Systems

Machine Tools


Leading manufacturers leverage PERMAS for their routine work due to its superior quality and performance. The solution has become an integral part of the design cycle of aerospace structures, automobiles, ships, and many more. Know more about INTES PERMAS in the detailed product description.


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