What is the tNavigator License Server?

The tNavigator License Manager is a critical component that ensures controlled access to the powerful reservoir modeling capabilities of tNavigator software. It is the gatekeeper, managing licenses for individual workstations and network environments.


Here’s a breakdown of its key functionalities:


Local Licensing: The license manager activates software using a USB dongle and a corresponding license file for individual users on laptops or workstations. This ensures proper software authorization for standalone use.

Network licensing is for departmental or enterprise deployment. The license server, typically installed on a Linux or Windows machine, manages licenses across your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). 

A brief overview

tNavigator is a software that helps:

  • Building static and dynamic reservoir models
  • Run simulations
  • Calculate pressure, volume, and temperature properties of fluids
  • Build surface network model
  • Calculate lifting tables
  • Perform extended uncertainty analysis as a part of one integrated workflow


 All the parts of the workflow share a common proprietary internal data storage system.



The tNavigator License Server manages and distributes software licenses across a network. It is installed on a server running Linux or Windows and requires specific system configurations and software packages like Apache and PHP for proper functioning. 

The license server uses a USB dongle to validate and distribute licenses. This involves running specific commands for Linux systems to ensure the USB key is detected and the license daemon is running. 

A setup wizard guides the Windows installation process, ensuring that the necessary services, like Apache, are started. The license server features a web interface that allows administrators to upload license files, configure settings, and monitor license usage. 

Licenses can be divided into multiple pools and assigned to different user groups, with specific settings for each group managed through configuration files or the web interface. This setup ensures that licenses are efficiently allocated and managed within an organization, preventing unauthorized access and overuse.

About Rock Flow Dynamics

Rock Flow Dynamic was founded in 2005 in Moscow. The company develops and implements software for hydrodynamic modeling of oil and gas deposits. After almost two decades, tNavigator is an integrated reservoir modelling & simulation solution, the first to integrate geoscience, reservoir engineering & production engineering domains in a single platform.


More than 300 companies worldwide use tNavigator because Rock Flow Dynamics is the industry expert.  

The Rock Flow Dynamics development team exceeds 120 software developers, delivering four major releases of tNavigator annually.

Where to Download the Navigator License Server?

Users can register and download the tNavigator License Server from the official Rock Flow Dynamics customer area.

How to Optimize tNavigator Server Licenses?

As a rule of thumb, floating or network licenses are bought more than required.
OpenLM can help you identify which user holds an idle license, notify you, and empower you to release the license back to the pool. The first year of utilizing OpenLM and considering its reports can save at least 15 percent of your total license budget. 

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