What is the EasyCopy License Server?

Seisware is a package of seismic interpretation tools, designed by seismic technology veterans for geoscientists.


EasyCopy is a comprehensive suite of software products designed for imaging, plotting, and editing graphical images across various formats. The suite includes three primary products: EasyPlot, EasyView, and JPEG PRO, each catering to different aspects of image manipulation and visualization.

EasyCopy employs a proprietary license manager to handle and distribute floating licenses within an organization. Notably, this license manager can be seamlessly integrated with OpenLM, a software license monitoring and management solution that is one of EasyCopy’s trusted partners. This collaboration ensures efficient license usage, monitoring, and reporting, ultimately leading to optimal license management and compliance.

About EasyCopy


The EasyCopy Company was founded in 1989 in Denmark by imaging-bursting experts. They saw images as the driving force of communication, documenting, and sharing ideas and work processes.


A year later, the business expanded with a sister company in the US, and throughout the years, more and more partnerships developed around the globe, including OpenLM.

The EasyCopy Company´s philosophy for product creation is to provide an intuitive collection of tools and processes that are precisely “right” for the individual needs for imaging tasks, such as montages, upmarking, presentations, format conversion, screen capture, printing, and plotting. EasyCopy is the go-to Graphics solution for technical professionals in auto, aero, and energy.

Where to Download EasyCopy License Server?

Users can download the EasyCopy License Server from the official EasyCopy website – download tab.

OpenLM: Enhancing EasyCopy Software Investment

OpenLM provides valuable application usage monitoring capabilities for System Administrators, Managers, and End Users. As an EasyCopy business partner, OpenLM has integrated with EasyCopy to help users maximize their software investment. By monitoring and optimizing license usage, OpenLM ensures EasyCopy customers get the most out of their software licenses.

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