What is L3Harris Geospatial License Server?

What is the history of L3Harris Geospatial License Server, now known as NV5 Geospatial License Server? Discover its rich heritage and major features. 

A brief overview

L3Harris Geospatial’s history is a winding road, spread across centuries. It started as The Harris Automatic Press Company in the 1890s. Then the company has kept growing, with several patients, innovations, and mergers and acquisitions in its pathways. After venturing into several technology verticals, including press, radio, television, and more, the organization gradually steered itself towards geospatial technology development. In 2023, the organization was acquired by NV5, and now it is a part of NV5 Geospatial division.


What are the major features of L3Harris Geospatial License Server?

The significant features of NV5 Geospatial License Server are:

  • Floating License Management: This server manages a pool of floating licenses for NV5 Geospatial software products, such as ENVI and IDL. This means a set number of licenses can be used by multiple users concurrently, as long as there are licenses available.

  • Centralized License Control: The server acts as a central point for managing and distributing software licenses. Administrators can add, remove, and track licenses for different software features.

  • User and Machine Tracking: The server keeps track of which users and machines are currently using licenses. This allows administrators to monitor license usage and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Administrator Dashboard: The server provides a web-based dashboard for administrators to view license usage statistics, including the number of available and checked-out licenses, features being used, and users with active licenses.

  • Automatic Upgrades (New Feature): The latest version (4.2) introduced a feature that allows automatic upgrades of the License Server license to include the latest entitled product features.

Overall, NV5 Geospatial License Server helps organizations efficiently manage and control licenses for their geospatial software products.


How to download and install L3Harris Geospatial License Server?

To install L3Harris Geospatial License Server, now known as NV5 Geospatial License Server, visit the following link and choose from the options as per your requirement. Check parameters such as system requirements, license administrator user interface requirements, and more as required.

Maximize L3Harris Geospatial License usage with OpenLM

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