What is the Altair License Manager(ALM))?

The Altair License Manager or Altair License Management System (ALM) is a comprehensive software licensing solution developed by Altair Engineering, Inc. It serves as a centralized platform for managing and controlling the distribution, activation, and usage of Altair software licenses.

What is the Altair License Manager


The Altair License Management System (ALM) gives end-users a common units-based licensing model for all Altair software related to CAE, on-demand computing, and business intelligence. Beginning with newer versions, the system has been designed to enable HyperWorks Partner Products (selected third party products) to be licensed via HyperWorks Units as well. 


The Altair License Management System consists of two components: the License Server and the Usage Reporting System (URT). The license system is based on X-Formations LM-X license server. The URT is a Java application that reports anonymous transactional logs to Altair. As part of the license agreement that enables partner software to be used, product usage must be reported to Altair.


ALM is based on X-Formation’s LM-X license management system version 3.32. For additional information and details, please download the LM-X End User Guide from the Altair web site, and choose Support > Software Downloads. 

What is DSLS?

Features and Functionality

The Altair License Manager offers a range of features designed to streamline the licensing process for businesses. Some of its key functionalities include:

  • Flexible Licensing Models: The platform supports various licensing models, including node-locked licenses, floating licenses, and feature-based licenses, allowing businesses to tailor their licensing strategies according to their specific needs.
  • Robust Security Measures: Altair License Manager incorporates advanced encryption techniques and secure communication protocols to ensure the protection of software licenses, guarding against unauthorized usage and distribution.
  • Usage Monitoring and Reporting: The system provides a level of monitoring and reporting capabilities, empowering businesses to track license usage patterns, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their software usage.

Impact and Adoption

Altair’s widespread popularity can be attributed to the exceptional performance and versatility of its software products. Notably, flagship solutions such as Altair HyperWorks, PBS Works, SolidThinking, and Altair Inspire have played a crucial role in solidifying Altair’s position in the engineering and design software market. These products have gained significant adoption across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, due to their advanced simulation capabilities, efficient design optimization tools, and comprehensive workflow management solutions. Altair’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable software solutions has contributed to its widespread recognition and adoption among businesses seeking to enhance their engineering and design processes.

Where can I download Altair License Manager?

The Altair License Manager can be downloaded directly from Altair’s own marketplace. Note that you must own a valid commercial license in order to access the Altair installer files.

How to optimize Altair license usage?

Looking to gain comprehensive insights into your Altair software license usage? OpenLM offers an effective Software License Management (SLM) solution designed to seamlessly integrate with Altair licenses. With OpenLM, users can efficiently monitor and track the utilization of their Altair licenses, enabling effective license management and optimization. By providing real-time data and usage analytics, OpenLM empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their Altair software usage, ensuring efficient allocation and utilization of licenses across their organization. Take control of your Altair licenses today with OpenLM and optimize the value of your software investments.

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