What is RIB Presto License Manager?

Wondering what is RIB Presto License Manager? Read on to learn about RIB Presto’s key features and how OpenLM can help you optimize your RIB Presto Licenses.

A brief overview

RIB Presto is a BIM-oriented construction management software solution for managing time, cost, and execution. It is used for building and civil projects and is designed to meet the diverse requirements of all the agents involved in different stages. RIB Presto License Manager helps manage licenses of RIB Presto. 


Presto’s key role is to integrate standardization and facilitate reuse and information exchange between agents. A distributed and organized knowledge management environment provides important information regarding scheduling and valuations, as well as the financial stakeholders of the projects. The solution is highly used in the Spanish and Latin American construction industry.


Maximize the use of RIB Presto License Manager with OpenLM.

f you use one or more software solutions by RIB Presto, note that you can easily overcome issues like underutilized licenses, denials, and generic reports with OpenLM. Our comprehensive license monitoring solution enables you to optimize your every license by harvesting idle licenses when required. Apart from that, with BI-enabled near-real-time reportings, you can leverage infinite scalability. Click here to know more about our solution.


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