LS-DYNA license manager

The LS-DYNA license manager is an integral component of Livermore Software Technology Corporation’s (LSTC) suite of software tools, primarily focusing on the management and distribution of licenses for the LS-DYNA finite element analysis software. LS-DYNA, developed by LSTC, is a widely utilized simulation tool in various industries, known for its comprehensive finite element analysis capabilities.

A Brief History

LS-DYNA serves as Livermore Software‘s flagship finite element analysis tool, catering to diverse sectors ranging from aerospace and bioengineering to manufacturing. The software is designed to harness the power of multiple CPUs and GPUs, with licensing structured based on the number of cores utilized and the simultaneous execution of computational tasks. It offers both node-locked and networked licensing options, with a unique focus on monitoring the number of cores in use rather than the count of concurrent users.

Livermore Software Technologies Corporation (LSTC)

Livermore Software Technologies Corporation (LSTC), founded in 1987, is the driving force behind the development and commercialization of the renowned LS-DYNA software. Initially established to commercialize the DYNA3D software as LS-DYNA, LSTC has expanded its offerings to include complementary tools such as LS-OPT and THUMS™ (Total Human Model for Safety), the latter developed in collaboration with Toyota. LSTC’s software solutions cater to a wide array of industries and applications, providing advanced solver software tailored to meet the intricate demands of modern simulation and analysis.

What is DSLS?

2019 acquisition by Ansys

The 2019 acquisition of Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) by Ansys, Inc. marked a significant consolidation within the engineering simulation industry. As a result of the acquisition, the widely used LS-DYNA software, known for its robust finite element analysis capabilities, came under the umbrella of Ansys. Notably, the license manager and related products of LS-DYNA have been retained and continue to be maintained by Ansys, ensuring uninterrupted support for the management and distribution of LS-DYNA licenses within the engineering and simulation community. This acquisition further solidified Ansys’ position as a leading provider of comprehensive engineering simulation solutions, enabling the company to offer an even more extensive range of tools and resources for tackling complex engineering challenges across various industries.

Where can I download the LS-DYNA license manager?

For a brief guide on where to download the LS-DYNA license manager as well as the correct order and any other details you should keep in mind when doing so, please visit this LS-DYNA page on Ansys’ website.

How to optimize your LS-DYNA license usage

OpenLM presents an indispensable solution for optimizing LS-DYNA licenses, providing comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities. With the ability to track license utilization, generate usage statistics, and identify idle licenses, OpenLM streamlines the management of LS-DYNA licenses, ensuring efficient allocation and utilization of resources. By offering a clear view of license usage patterns and facilitating effective license distribution, OpenLM maximizes the value of LS-DYNA licenses, enabling organizations to enhance productivity and streamline their engineering simulation processes.

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