What is Altiva License Server?

With Altiva License Server, organizations can leverage pooled licensing or concurrent licensing while using Altiva Software products. The ALS management software enables customers to purchase licenses based on the largest numbers of users who might be active at a particular time, rather than the aggregate of users available in the environment. Thus it provides your company the opportunity to reduce the total expenses of license purchase as well as optimize Altiva Software products such as DeployCAD.

A brief overview

ALS follows a client-server license model. Organizations need to install Altiva License Server on a server machine, from where licenses are served to client machines when requested. The server and the client machines are linked together using the standard Internet TCP/IP protocol. It is important to install and configure this protocol in each client machine for this communication to take place. You don’t have to make additional purchases to install this protocol as this is a standard component of Windows.


Being a Windows component, the ALS application activates at Windows start-up and is always active in the background, whether the ALS mail dialog is showing or not. 

How can I install Altiva License Server?

Visit the following page and download the Altiva License Server on your system.

Maximize your Altiva license use with OpenLM

If you are a user of Altiva License Server, OpenLM can enable you to maximize its usage. By leveraging our BI-integrated solution, you can track license usage, idle time, denials, and more, and also generate customized reports. Opt for OpenLM today, and start optimizing your Altiva licenses to their fullest potential!

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