What is Tweak License Server?

Tweak License Server was owned by Tweak Software until 2015 when AutoDesk acquired the software organization. Tweak is popular for their digital review tools, which are industry-standard solutions for the playback, review and approval of digital film imagery. Thus, it has been an inevitable solution for premium visual effects and animation studios in Hollywood. After AutoDesk took over Tweak, its tools joined forces with ShotGrid (previously known as Shotgun) software and equipped the solutions with modern review and collaboration technology. As a result, animation, games and visual effects artists and supervisors can now utilize the best tools to boost productivity in a constantly changing industry. 

A brief overview

With the Tweak License Server installed, you can monitor and manage any number of applications purchased from Tweak Software. If a client and the server are connected through a network connection, and the client software has a valid license, the server will allow the client to execute the intended application. The user can leverage efficient management of license type, count and functions. Usually, the Tweak License Server is used as a system service. However, one can run it as a distinct foreground or background process.

Who should install and run it?

This license server should be loaded in your system by a System Administrator or a person who knows the functionalities of system processes on your platform.

Maximize your Tweak license use with OpenLM

Wondering how you can streamline the operations of your Tweak license server? With OpenLM, an all-encompassing license management solution, you can monitor and optimize your Tweak licenses effortlessly. Ensure comprehensive control of your software optimization, prioritize compliance, and monitor patterns of usage with ease. Leverage OpenLM today to unlock the full potential of your Tweak license servers and boost overall productivity of the licenses.

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