What is the Sparx License Server?


The Sparx Floating License Server (FLS) is a critical component in managing licenses for Sparx Systems’ suite of modeling tools, including Enterprise Architect. As a leading provider of modeling and design software, Sparx Systems relies on the License Server to facilitate secure access to their powerful modeling solutions. The Sparx License Server plays a crucial role in optimizing license distribution, ensuring compliance, and supporting efficient collaboration for organizations engaged in system and software engineering.


The Floating License Server operates as a dynamic mechanism for allocating and sharing licenses across users utilizing Enterprise Architect and other Sparx Systems’ products. This mechanism optimizes license usage by allocating licenses only when users access Enterprise Architect, releasing them back into the license pool upon application closure. This efficient sharing mechanism allows organizations to procure a reduced number of licenses, maximizing the utility of each license purchased.


Additionally, Sparx Systems introduced the Sparx Systems Key Store server, a longstanding tool enabling users to manage floating licenses for Enterprise Architect. In version 2.1 of Pro Cloud Server, the Floating License functionality of the ‘Keystore Service’ was seamlessly integrated and further enhanced within the Pro Cloud Server. This integration not only streamlined license management but also introduced support for SSL and IPv6, offering an improved and secure licensing mechanism for users.

About Sparx Systems

Sparx Systems is a software development company known for its flagship product, Enterprise Architect. Since its establishment in 1996, Sparx Systems has been dedicated to providing innovative tools for visual modeling and design. Enterprise Architect, one of their prominent offerings, caters to a diverse range of industries and is widely utilized for systems engineering, software development, and business process modeling. The Sparx License Server aligns with Sparx Systems’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for visual modeling and design.

Where to Download Sparx License Server?

Users can download the Sparx License Server from the official Sparx Systems website in the Pro Cloud Server download page.

How to Optimize Sparx License Server Licenses?

For organizations seeking to optimize the utilization of Sparx License Server licenses, OpenLM provides a comprehensive solution. With OpenLM’s intuitive interface and robust tracking functionalities, users can gain insights into Sparx License Server usage, implement optimization strategies, and enhance overall operational efficiency. To streamline your Sparx License Server management and ensure optimal resource allocation, consider exploring OpenLM’s solution for effective license utilization.

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