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OpenLM Core Value

The Difference Between OpenLM and License Managers

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing is not a ‘license manager’ in the generally-used sense of the term. OpenLM is meant to serve the organization that uses licensed software whereas a ‘license manager’ is a system that primarily serves the vendors of software products like AutoCAD, Solidworks, MATLAB and many others. The primary purpose of license managers is to control the launching of software applications so that the number of concurrent licenses in use at any one time conforms with the license agreement between the user organization and the software vendor. The majority of vendors who design their software to work under the control of license managers choose third-party license managers and require the customer organization to use this license manager.


OpenLM for Engineering Licensing doesn’t replace the license manager. On the contrary, it is a productivity tool meant for the customer organization; it gives valuable information about how licenses are used and provides insights that IT managers and admins can use to improve availability of floating licenses to users, analyze usage statistics and reduce unnecessary expenditure on licenses that are not being used. In addition, OpenLM contains advanced features that are closer to license management than just monitoring and reporting. These extensions require the base product, OpenLM for Engineering Licensing.

Therefore, OpenLM does not replace and is not an alternative to license manager software; it adds additional capabilities purely to the benefit of the user organization.

OpenLM is an approved supplier of the United States Government General Services Administration (GSA). More…

Benefits of OpenLM

OpenLM Core provides clear benefits to a variety of stakeholders in organizations that use licensed software under a floating license model: IT managers, license administrators and software end-users. Each stakeholder has different challenges in their day-to-day activity; click on the appropriate tab below to see how OpenLM solves them for you and your colleagues.

  • Know what you have: License inventory
  • Plan license maintenance and procurement of expensive licenses
  • Charge projects or business units for software usage time
  • Cut costs by dropping maintenance for licenses that are no longer in use
  • You will have accurate software usage information to report to management and make informed decisions
  • Real time usage management and troubleshooting
  • Extract license usage statistics information and patterns
  • Harvest idle licenses either automatically or manually, optimizing license utilization
  • Roles and Permissions: Restrict license usage according to user permissions you define
  • You will have accurate software usage information that you can use to get better deals with software vendors
  • Have better license availability
  • Get informed about the status of denied licenses, and receive a notification when a license becomes available.
  • Will know who is using the license they need, and are presented with that person’s contact details.
  • License unavailability periods are minimized and license utilization is improved.
  • GIS managers and CAD/CAM managers
  • You will ensure that your team gets the software resources it needs to get the job done without delays
  • You will be able to identify unjustified expenses on software that is not used
  • Distribute costs and better allocate your budgets

OpenLM Core Features

License Manager Support


  • Review license inventory in real time.
  • Concurrent monitoring of multiple license servers on multiple time zones.


  • Extract license activity reports (e.g. Flexnet report), with configurable resolution.
  • Obtain intelligent reports featuring usage statistics and patterns.
  • An API that lets you build your own queries and develop applications based on OpenLM Server processing.


  • Get the license usage information provided by OpenLM
  • Import it directly to your own database for querying and reporting
  • Build your own GUI or integrate OpenLM information into any other application
  • Process the OpenLM data any way you like

Read more about the OpenLM API

Health Check

  • 1-on-1 session with an OpenLM Support Engineer
  • Review of your configuration settings
  • Walk-through of critical reports and assessment
  • Guidance for optimizing your engineering software license inventories

Read more about the engineering software license health checkup

Supported Applications

Optional Extra License Functionality

  • Usage analytics and BI
  • Alerts
  • Actual usage data
  • Chargeback – group and project billing
  • External database connection
  • LDAP synchronization
  • Roles and permissions
  • Proactive enforcement of usage policies
  • Options file management
  • Routing

Learn more about the OpenLM optional extra functionality available through the OpenLM Extensions.

Architecture and Infrastructure

  • Can be used on WAN and LAN networks
  • Compatible with license managers running on Unix, Linux and Windows Operating systems
  • Web-based user interface compatible with all leading browsers
  • Desktop and mobile device web interface
  • Built-in database and external databases supported

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