Overcoming Licensing Obstacles - May edition

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As we step into May, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed customers for their unwavering support and invaluable feedback. Your insights drive our commitment to excellence.

We’re pleased to announce that the NewGen version of OpenLM is now available for early adoption by our existing customers. We encourage you to try this deployment alongside your current OpenLM environment. Our dedicated team is here to assist with any queries you may have.

We are delighted to announce our ongoing commitment to enhancing our solution by integrating new license managers. We’ve recently added support for the L3Harris License Server, widely utilized in the Defense & Aerospace sector.

We invite you to attend our Webinars aimed to educate and share knowledge on SLM best practices, solutions, and strategies to control, manage, and optimize software assets. From our customers to license management enthusiasts, these short webinar sessions are open to everyone.

In the upcoming months, we will focus on addressing various Industries’ software asset and license management challenges using effective solutions.

Thank you for being part of the OpenLM community. Together, let’s thrive.

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Abhijeet Das
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OpenLM Ltd.

OpenLM now supports L3Harris Geospatial License Server. Upgrade the OpenLM Broker to the latest version 24.4 today!

Solving license management complexities of the Oil & Gas Industry

In the dynamic realm of the Oil & Gas industry, efficient software license management is crucial. OpenLM emerges as a transformative solution, addressing key challenges enterprises face in this sector. By offering comprehensive license tracking, optimization, and administration features, OpenLM streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and maximizes ROI for Oil & Gas organizations. Read more

Knowledge Byte

Software Whitelisting in Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software whitelisting is pivotal in Software Asset Management (SAM) for precise control over approved software.
  1. Control: Whitelisting ensures precise control over approved software, reducing the risk of unauthorized installations.
  2. Compliance: It enforces compliance by permitting only authorized applications, minimizing the risk of licensing violations.
  3. Security: By limiting software to approved ones, it reduces the attack surface and mitigates the risk of malware and vulnerabilities.
  4. Standardization: Maintaining a whitelist of approved software helps in standardizing the software environment across the organization.
  5. Cost Reduction: It minimizes costs associated with licensing penalties, security incidents, and productivity losses, resulting in significant savings.

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