OpenLM Achieves ISO 27001 and SOC2 Compliance - Elevating Security and Trust in License Management

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As the brisk winds of March usher in a new season, we’re excited to bring you the latest updates, insights, and highlights from the world of OpenLM. This month, we’re especially proud to delve into significant milestones that underscore our unwavering commitment to data security and operational excellence: achieving ISO 27001 certification and SOC2 compliance.


Achieving the ISO 27001 certification signifies that OpenLM has implemented a systematic and rigorous approach to managing sensitive company and customer information. 

SOC2 compliance is centered around the principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. Our SOC2 report provides detailed information and assurance about the controls OpenLM employs to secure our and our client’s data, as well as how well those controls are functioning. As we celebrate these achievements, we also look forward to the journey ahead. 


In February 2024 we introduced our cutting-edge solution OpenLM for Bentley which aims to enable organizations to save overuse charges. We have an exclusive webinar explaining the solution in March for you. 


March is an important month of the year as many of our customers prepare for maintenance renewals with different software vendors. For quick tips for a smooth maintenance renewal process, you can refer to our tips in the knowledge section December Newsletter edition.


With the soon-to-be-released new version of OpenLM, we plan to share more insights into each feature, we hope to see all our esteemed customers in the exclusive webinars and share their feedback with us.

I would like to request your valuable feedback and suggestions regarding our Newsletters, Blogs, and Webinars so we can tailor-make our content as per your needs. Thank you for your continuous support! Happy Reading,
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Customer-exclusive webinars: 

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Knowledge Byte:

OpenLM Solution for Autodesk

In the past 5 years, Autodesk has changed its licensing scape from the traditional Network to Single-user Subscriptions and Token-Flex. 


Whether this change of licensing is in favor of the Customer or the Vendor is still debated. It has given sleepless nights to many of the organizations who were using their licenses. One of the common challenges with Autodesk licenses has been the visibility and transparency of usage statistics. The visibility of Autodesk license usage comes with a price, i.e. the Subscription Plan charges. Premium subscription plan is costlier by 12-15% as compared to the Standard plan. Interestingly, OpenLM comes up with advanced reporting capabilities that provide greater visibility of usage, and accurate idle session monitoring which allows decision-making for license re-allocations and helps to avoid any additional purchase of licenses. So, Autodesk customers can save the cost of a Premium subscription plan and centrally monitor all their other applications. 

Let’s read more about our solution and the cost-value proposition here. 

Knowledge Byte:

Software Asset Management Strategy in Merger & Acquisitions

Software Asset Management plays a crucial role in Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A). It requires a proper strategy and planning for integrating software assets between the 2 entities. The timely inclusion of the SAM team and basic checks can help the smooth merger process. Not only this, it can also help organizations to avoid any compliance issues by software vendors. 

SAM activities in this Merger process could be categorized into: 

  1. Inventory & Documentation 
  2. Analysis 
  3. Action for transfer/merger of software assets
  4. Planning & Implementation

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