OpenLM NewGen Modules: Users and Groups Management, Projects

Webinar Date:  26th Mar 2024


Discover the future of users, groups and project management in our upcoming webinar! Join us as we unravel the transformative changes made to our Users and Groups module and the Project module, introducing the centralized infrastructure. This innovative system serves as the backbone for all our software modules, offering a unified and efficient approach to user, group and project administration.


Key Webinar Highlights:

  1. Architectural Insights: Delve into the architecture of our newly introduced Users and Groups System (UGS) and project modules. Learn how this centralized infrastructure enhances the synergy between different software modules for seamless user and groups and project management.
  2. Live Release Demonstration: Witness the power of the new release in action. Our experts will showcase the features and functionalities of the updated modules, providing a firsthand look at the enhancements that await you.
  3. Migration and Upgrade Process: Understand the seamless transition process as we guide you through the migration and upgrade steps. Gain valuable insights into ensuring a smooth and efficient upgrade, minimizing disruptions to your existing workflows.
  4. Project creation from LDAP Sync: Discover how LDAP Sync revolutionizes project creation, automating setup with real-time user data sync, customizable templates, and streamlined management, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

This webinar is a must-attend for administrators, IT professionals, and anyone looking to optimize users, groups and project management across their software ecosystem. Register now to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your user administration to new heights with OpenLM’s centralized UGS and Project Management!

Grigorii Fandofan

Grigorii Fandofan

Lead Developer, OpenLM

Alexandru Tertea

Alexandru Tertea

QA Engineer, OpenLM

This webinar is exclusively designed for OpenLM customers. To access the recording of the webinar, please reach out to us at the following email address

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