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OpenLM's 2023 in Review

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We haven't sent our newsletter for quite some time, and I'm very happy to send this one. We assigned Abhijeet Das to be the editor of the newsletter from now and on. Abhijeet Das brings years of experience in software assets management and will deliver interesting and useful content. We ask you once again to support us by allowing opt-in and giving it a try for a few months. You can be assured that we will make every effort to produce an interesting and focused newsletter that will bring you some real value. 

The year 2023 is coming to an end, and for us, it has been a very comprehensive year of creation and transformation. The new service-based architecture will be ready for release by the end of the year, and we will begin experimenting with customers. This new platform will do everything our existing platform does, but it will be more capable, faster, scalable, and modern. 

Our cloud service and your on-premises deployments will both be supported by this platform. Customers using the cloud will see no change except for better scalability, performance, functionality, and interfaces.
 Most importantly, the new platform will enable us to respond to your needs more quickly. With the next generation of the OpenLM Platform, we will release many new features. 

Are you interested in testing early releases when they become available? I would appreciate hearing from you. As a team, we are very excited to start 2024 with a new platform and look forward to continuing our common journey. Our team looks forward to communicating with you, understanding your challenges, and learning from your experiences. Feel free to contact us.
Oren Gabay
CEO & Co-founder, OpenLM

New Innovative Solutions & Services

In 2023, we released innovative features and enhancements as a part of our solutions. Added support for new license managers and developed integrations with advanced BI and SAM platforms.  

Analyzing the Voice of Customers, we made great strides in our Cloud offering with the addition of the following capabilities- Dongle MonitoringOneDirectorySyncVirtual License ManagerLDAP connector.
Many organizations benefited from our Value-Added Services – Managed Services, Consultancy Services, BI customization Services, and Engineering License Management Service. It helped them in better control, utilization and efficient license management operations.

All this was possible due to the continuous valuable feedback from our customers.

Company Growth

With all thanks to our customers, this year saw an exponential growth in our customer base. We actively engaged with our resellers and grew the partnership numbers in various territories by more than 120%. Also, we established our Japan and France entities in 2023. 

As an organization, this year we onboarded experts having niche skill sets joining our team.  

This growth testifies our commitment for delivering quality solutions to fulfill our customer’s requirements. 

It's the software renewal time. Have you done the homework?

As your license renewal approaches, we want to ensure a seamless process. Some quick checkpoints – 

  • Be ready with the documentation – MSA, EULA, purchase records
  • Review your current license status – Entitlement v/s Deployment v/s Usage
  • Identify the scope for improvement – unused features, idling data
  • Perform ‘Prediction Analysis’, get the inputs from the stakeholders
  • Check your IT/Software Renewals Budget
  • Prepare the Strategy for vendor negotiations
  • Running out of time for renewal- Remember to request for temporary licenses from the vendor so your production is not impacted

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or require our assistance.


This year we came up with more tailor-made content Webinars with a focus on spreading awareness about Software Cost Optimization and SLM best practices.

In case you missed attending any of the sessions, please check this link –  Webinars

In 2024, we plan to have webinars and workshops on OpenLM’s functionalities, cloud platform and new emerging technologies in Software Asset and License Management.
We will share monthly calendars so you can choose the Webinars and sessions as per your interest. 


Abhijeet Das

PreSales Manager & Newsletter Editor, OpenLM

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering trust in OpenLM. Your confidence propels us to continually innovate and provide unparalleled solutions. We are honored to be your chosen partner on this journey.

Thank you for choosing OpenLM.

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