Reduce spending, gain insights into license utilization and optimize your software license management

Stop wasting money on unused licenses and start tracking how your software assets are actually being used. Without a proper software license management system in place, spending in IT organizations can grow exponentially. OpenLM was built specifically to help you gain full visibility and control into your license usage, enabling you to streamline operations, save costs, and enhance productivity.

See How OpenLM Fits Your Requirements

Enterprise uses OpenLM
1000 +
Minimum License cost saving Annualy
10 %
From Fortune 500.
0 %
Support and service worldwide
20 /6
Engineering and non-engineering software applications supported
20000 +
License Manager Support
60 +

Gain full control and insight into your software license usage​


Optimize License Usage:​

OpenLM provides real-time insights into how your software licenses are being used across the organization. Identify underutilized licenses and redistribute them where needed to make the most of your investments.


Cost Savings:​

With OpenLM, you'll eliminate unnecessary spending on redundant licenses and ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Say goodbye to over-purchasing and hefty penalties.


Cost Savings:​

With OpenLM, you'll eliminate unnecessary spending on redundant licenses and ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Say goodbye to over-purchasing and hefty penalties.


Data-Driven Decisions:​

Empower your administrators with comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions on license procurement and utilization strategies.


Enhance Productivity:​

Avoid license denials and optimize software access for your team. OpenLM allows harvesting of idle licenses, enabling smooth workflows, even for remote or offline work.


Full Control:​

Set up custom alerts, implement enterprise-level checkout policies, track usage by group or project and even keep track of unmanaged applications with OpenLM’s many add-on features.

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Customer Testimonials


More than 10 000 € in savings within the first year of using OpenLM

Our investment in OpenLM has been one of the best investments as far as License Management is concerned. I am an admirer and I look forward to several more years of partnership.

Steven Bryant
IT Operations Manager



Tracking license usage was a challenge for us. Being able to monitor that and historic usage both globally and locally is useful!


Haydn England
Engineering Systems Design Administrator


Our plan is to have all licensed services monitored with OpenLM, and as many as we can be hosted in our licensed server farm

Jason Olsen
Senior Engineer

Key Features of OpenLM​

In-depth Reports

Get reports on every aspect of license utilization in your organization

License Denials

See license denials and unused licenses to determine license procurement requirements

Idle Session Monitoring

Identify instances of idle sessions and automatically close them

Unmanaged processes

Monitor all types of applications on your workstations – custom-made or standalone

License Harvesting

Identify idle sessions and automatically close idle applications

License Allocation Manager

Control license allocation through the Options files

Cloud Services / URL Monitoring

Monitor Cloud Services/web-based application usage

Alerts & Notifications

Get email notifications sent for different conditions

Virtual License Manager

Segment the organization's license portfolio into as many license pools as needed.

BI integration with Reporting Hub

Advanced query capabilities, extended data modeling and report creation features

Awards & Recognitions

Software license management tailored around YOUR needs

Take the first step towards a more streamlined, cost-effective license management process. Join the 1500+ engineering organizations worldwide who have already unlocked the true potential of their software licenses with OpenLM.

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