Take Charge of Your Software Licenses:

Say Goodbye to Overusage Costs and Streamline Your Operations with OpenLM Software License Management.

Transform the way you handle software licensing. Don’t let costly over-usage or compliance risks hold you back any longer. With OpenLM SLM, you can take control of your software licenses and ensure that your operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

On average, every office computer worldwide contains around $259 worth of unnecessary, unwanted, or unused software.
$ 1000
Globally, companies are wasting an average of 37% of their software spending.
1000 %

OpenLM software licensing management (SLM) solution reports on actual usage and helps you monitor license trends, get usage reports, generate insights, ensure compliance cut down on license costs, and improve availability through a powerful license management solution that stretches your existing licenses to their limits.

Why choose OpenLM SLM?

Avoidance of Over-licensing:

OpenLM helps organizations avoid over-licensing by providing insights into license usage patterns. This prevents unnecessary purchases and helps optimize license costs.

License Reclamation:

The software identifies unused or underutilized licenses, allowing organizations to reclaim and make them available for usage. This can result in significant cost savings.

Real-Time Usage Monitoring:

OpenLM provides real-time software usage monitoring, enabling organizations to track who is using specific licenses and when. This information helps in making informed decisions about license allocation and procurement.

Centralized Dashboard:

OpenLM offers a centralized dashboard for managing licenses across various software applications. This simplifies the management process and provides a unified view of license usage.

Usage Reports:

OpenLM generates detailed reports on license usage, enabling organizations to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions.


The software provides insights into future license needs based on historical usage patterns, helping organizations plan for future software requirements.

Data for Negotiations:

OpenLM provides data on actual software usage, which can be valuable during negotiations with software vendors. Accurate usage data strengthens an organization's position when discussing license agreements and pricing.

License Policy Enforcement:

OpenLM allows organizations to enforce license usage policies, ensuring users adhere to licensing agreements and organizational guidelines.

Alerts and Notifications:

The software can send alerts and notifications about license usage, ensuring that administrators are promptly informed of any potential issues.

Reports Scheduling:

Schedule periodic critical reports for the organization and share them automatically with stakeholders.

Scalable Architecture:

OpenLM is designed to scale with the growth of an organization. It can handle increasing licenses and users as the organization expands.

Access Control:

OpenLM provides access control mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage license information. Implementing OpenLM software license management can lead to more efficient and cost-effective use of software licenses, improved compliance, and better overall management of software assets within an organization.

Complete License management

  • Handles all license models including network (floating), node-locked, GPU (Nvidia), cloud and token (including Autodesk Token-Flex), and hybrid variations.
  • Support for 75+ license managers including Flexera, DSLS, Reprise, Bentley, Sentinel RMS, and more.
  • All major hardware licenses from Sentinel, Flexera, and Wibu supported
  • Now supporting widely-used cloud licenses Office 365, Autodesk Cloud, and ESRI Online
  • 1 Second accurate usage data for most license managers
  • Supports WAN and LAN networks over multiple timezones
  • Manage and monitor all your licenses directly through our easy-to-use graphic interface.
  • Concurrent monitoring of multiple license servers in multiple time zones.
  • Monitor hybrid situations, such as both online and offline licenses, software or hardware-based and cloud mixed with on-premise
  • A single common report format for all your licensed software, covering activity, usage, and accurate “True Denials”, with options such as heat maps and pie charts.
  • Ability to schedule reports and send them by email (via Reports Scheduler)
  • Chargeback cost centers – group and project billing.
  • Timely reporting up to per second and the next day for token and other arrears-based models.
  • Buy only the licenses you need, based on accurate reporting on peak usage
  • Identify and eliminate shelfware
  • Avoid costs incurred for features you don’t use
  • Accurate billing based on usage, enabling chargebacks to projects and departments
  • Get a precise view of the licenses you require for your next renewal
  • Identify the costs and benefits of keeping licenses on-premise or migrating to the cloud
  • There are no additional costs to incur when installing and configuring OpenLM, and no consultants or coding are required
  • Our easy setup and configuration can be done without any additional support, but it is there if you need it
  • OpenLM is compatible with license managers running on Unix, Linux, MacOS, and Windows Operating systems
  • Browser user interface compatible with all leading browsers
  • Supports all major privacy regulations (German Privacy Act and GDPR)
  • OpenLM comes with its built-in database but also supports external databases of your choice
  • We have a built-in sophisticated alerting system that allows you to detect and handle issues before your engineers even notice them
  • OpenLM supports automated license server recovery
  • The OpenLM API allows you to build your own GUI or integrate OpenLM information into any other application
  • Use OpenLM data in your systems for querying and reporting
  • Maintain an accurate and objective history of license and token usage based on our reports, which are written from your viewpoint, rather than the vendor’s opinion
  • Prove your point when the vendor’s license management software is out of sync with your actual usage
  • Face the new challenges of license compliance in the cloud environment
  • OpenLM is GDPR-compliant and conforms to the BDSG
  • SOC 2.0 certified
  • Automated license harvesting, executed in accordance with your unique software policies and business rules. See License harvesting for engineering applications.
  • License availability notification for end users
  • Collects actual usage data for end users (optional)
  • Automatic and dynamic allocation/revocation of access based on directory groups
  • Directory (LDAP) synchronization of users & groups with ActiveX
  • Role-based access permission to OpenLM interfaces
  • Proactive enforcement of usage policies, such as BYOD and BYOS

Pricing Option


Per user, per month billed annually


A comprehensive suite of functionality that addresses all the requirements of license management


Per user, per month billed annually


Everything included in the monitoring plan plus the ability to harvest licenses.

Customer Testimonials


More than 10 000 € in savings within the first year of using OpenLM

Our investment in OpenLM has been one of the best investments as far as License Management is concerned. I am an admirer and I look forward to several more years of partnership.

Steven Bryant
IT Operations Manager



Tracking license usage was a challenge for us. Being able to monitor that and historic usage both globally and locally is useful!


Haydn England
Engineering Systems Design Administrator


Our plan is to have all licensed services monitored with OpenLM, and as many as we can be hosted in our licensed server farm

Jason Olsen
Senior Engineer

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