OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized license reporting - KB4060 - OpenLM Software License Management
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OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized license reporting – KB4060

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What is the OpenLM Reporting Hub?

OpenLM Reporting Hub offers a way for our customers to get the most out of their collected usage information.

It provides advanced querying capabilities, extended data modeling, and report creation features that enable you to accelerates your ability to build robust data models, along with amazing reports that will amplify your business intelligence efforts.


How does it work?

  • OpenLM Reporting Hub uses a data transformation engine for collecting and storing relevant data to a Postgres “Warehouse” database.
  • The resulting data structure can be easily queried using any BI tool, which allows for simple “drag and drop” graph manipulation.
  • Allows massive query loads without interfering with the production server.


Outlying Procedure

  • Extracts specific data from the OpenLM database.
  • Transforms the data structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.
  • Loads the newly formed data structures onto a data warehouse database.
  • BI tool extract the relevant data from the data warehouse, to be calculated, customized, displayed and sent out in any supported format.
  • See the options available for the OpenLM Reporting Hub Cloud.


Benefits of the Usage Analytics system

  • Stable data structure – Reporting database structure remains stable along different versions of OpenLM.
  • Custom fields – New reports and data inquiries which are not found in the OpenLM Easyadmin tool can be produced.
  • Custom calculations – The BI platform allows for complicated and unique calculations to be done on pre existing data located in the OpenLM database.
  • Custom filters – Filters can be customized by custom calculated data fields.
  • Big data – Search huge databases quickly using data warehousing techniques.
  • Custom charts and graphs – Customizable charts which allows the user to view the data in infinite number of ways.
  • Robust usage resolution – Aggregate usage by different time span resolution.


Reporting Database structure

  • User friendly measure-dimension structure, which allows for easily managing different fields
  • Rigid structure which does not change with every upgrade.
  • Creating new calculated fields is made simple.
  • See a visualization of the reporting database structure.


How do I get the OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized reporting extension ?

Currently, the installation and configuration of the OpenLM Reporting Hub and reporting system requires the presence of an OpenLM support person.

Please contact our support team at , and our representatives will be glad to assist and guide you online.



System Requirements

  • Installation should be on a dedicated server, which all relevant users have access to.
  • OpenLM Reporting Hub requires a Windows or Linux operating system, with the following minimal hardware requirements.
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