OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized license reporting-KB4060
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OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized license reporting – KB4060

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What is the OpenLM Reporting Hub?


Outlying Procedure

  • Extracts specific data from the OpenLM database.
  • Transforms the data structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.
  • Loads the newly formed data structures onto a data warehouse database.
  • BI tool extract the relevant data from the data warehouse, to be calculated, customized, displayed and sent out in any supported format.
  • See the options available for the OpenLM Reporting Hub Cloud.


Benefits of the Usage Analytics system

  • Stable data structure – Reporting database structure remains stable along different versions of OpenLM.
  • Custom fields – New reports and data inquiries which are not found in the OpenLM Easyadmin tool can be produced.
  • Custom calculations – The BI platform allows for complicated and unique calculations to be done on pre existing data located in the OpenLM database.
  • Custom filters – Filters can be customized by custom calculated data fields.
  • Big data – Search huge databases quickly using data warehousing techniques.
  • Custom charts and graphs – Customizable charts which allows the user to view the data in infinite number of ways.
  • Robust usage resolution – Aggregate usage by different time span resolution.


Reporting Database structure

  • User friendly measure-dimension structure, which allows for easily managing different fields
  • Rigid structure which does not change with every upgrade.
  • Creating new calculated fields is made simple.
  • See a visualization of the reporting database structure.


How do I get the OpenLM Reporting Hub and customized reporting extension ?

Currently, the installation and configuration of the OpenLM Reporting Hub and reporting system requires the presence of an OpenLM support person.

Please contact our support team at , and our representatives will be glad to assist and guide you online.


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