OpenLM User Interface - Administration – HT892
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OpenLM User Interface – Administration – HT892

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OpenLM User Interface Administration


Here you’ll see the basic configurations found in the Administration window, excluding all the extension-related buttons, as they play a part in the configuration process of the various extensions.

System – Enable logging levels for sending logs to the OpenLM Support team.

Working Hours – Define the organization’s working hours for filtering in all of OpenLM’s reports.

Show/Hide features – Hode or show different features from the OpenLM interface

Product Packages – Change product names and set product packages in the OpenLM User Interface.

Cleanup Manager – Delete usage history, group and users from the OpenLM database.

OpenLM License – See the details of your OpenLM license file, meaning when it expires, which extensions you have, how many of each on etc.

Email/SMS – Setup the organization’s SMTP server details or SMS server, in order to have OpenLM Server send you emails and SMS in case certain conditions are configured.

File Fetching – Define where files will be downloaded to when exporting from OpenLM User Interface.

Denials – Set which denials to filter out of the reports of OpenLM and database.


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