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OpenLM Cloud


OpenLM Cloud is software license administration solution that gives you monitoring, auditing and reporting of engineering software usage without worrying about server allocation, version updates, data backup, operating system compatibility or any of the other issues that can cause headaches with on-premise installations.

You need to install just one simple component, called the OpenLM broker to link up your license manager with OpenLM Cloud.

You can easily migrate from the OpenLM on-premise version to the cloud version and vice versa if you want to switch between hosted and non-hosted deployments.

Benefits of OpenLM

OpenLM provides benefits to many different people in the organization that use concurrently licensed engineering software including IT managers, license administrators and engineers. Each has different needs as outlined below.

IT Manager

  • Know your engineering software license inventory
  • Better plan license procurement
  • Reduce costs by cancelling maintenance for licenses that are not used
  • Get accurate software usage information to report to management

License Admin

  • Real time usage management and troubleshooting
  • Extract license usage statistics information and patterns
  • You will have accurate software usage information that you can use to get better deals with software vendors

CAD/CAM Manager

  • Your team will get engineering software resources it needs
  • Projects won’t get delayed due to excessive denials of engineering software.

Financial Analysts and Economists

  • Distribute costs and better allocate your budgets
  • Identify unjustified expenses on software that is not used


License Manager Support

Software License Auditing

  • Review license inventory in real time.
  • Concurrent monitoring of multiple license servers on multiple time zones.

Software Compliance Reporting

  • License activity reports
  • Usage statistics and patterns


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