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SaaS – OpenLM on a Cloud


What is that ?

OpenLM is proud to present the OpenLM SaaS – a hosted service of OpenLM.

The OpenLM SaaS service enables companies to enjoy the benefits of having the OpenLM license monitoring system without the need to maintain software installation and updates on their hardware.

The minimal requirements are to install the OpenLM Broker on the monitored license servers.

cloud - sitemap

The OpenLM SaaS customer database is fully maintained by the OpenLM team. and is identical to the OpenLM on-premise database.

This enables customers to switch between SaaS and on-premise installations quickly and easily. A general block diagram of the OpenLM SaaS system is depicted below:



The benefit is one: you will not need to bother with installation and maintenance. OpenLM will install, maintain and enhance your OpenLM SaaS system automatically. You will also not need to dedicate a machine on your system for the OpenLM Server: That part will run on our cloud server.

Feature subset

The downside to installing the SaaS version in comparison to the On-premise OpenLM version, is that the OpenLM Agent capabilities will not be available. OpenLM SaaS installation is ‘Monitoring’ oriented, rather than ‘Management’ oriented.
For more information on the OpenLM SaaS installation – please refer to this application note.