OpenLM Webinars - OpenLM Software License Management
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Webinars & Workshops

See how to monitor the use of licensed software products in your organization by joining a webinar.


OpenLM Core Functionality

  • Core functionality explained
  • Main reports demonstrated
  • Graphs and charts


OpenLM Reports

  • Share and schedule reports
  • Save filter
  • Consumption rules & Working hours


Let’s Configure OpenLM

  • OpenLM Broker
  • OpenLM Server
  • OpenLM Agent


All about the end-user 

  • Active directory   synchronization
  • Group usage 
  • Roles and permissions


Alerts and notifications

  • Alerts and schedules configuration
  • Reports Scheduler
  • Alerts Management



License Allocation Management

  • License Allocation Management
  • Unmanaged licenses
  • FlexLM’s “Options File”


License Harvesting. 

  • Idle license retrieval
  • OpenLM Reporting Hub
  • Build robust data models



Engineering Licenses  

  • Single-Use Licenses
  • Floating Licenses
  • Token Licenses
  • Actual usage

After you’ve registered for the webinar see the Services section in the main menu above; you may find something of special relevance to your business area.  Also, you may be interested in us taking care of the entire package including the license manager itself. See License Manager Hosted.

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