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OpenLM Webinars


See how to monitor the use of licensed software products in your organization by joining a webinar.


What webinars are on the menu?

  1. OpenLM Core Functionality starts with a brief introduction to the concepts for those new to OpenLM then moves on to demonstrate the reports and capabilities you get with the core product.
  2. OpenLM Extensions about the optional extra modules available for enhanced power and functionality plus what’s new in the latest version (4.2)

After you’ve registered for the webinar see the Solutions section in the main menu above; you may find something of special relevance to your business area.  Also, you may be interested in us taking care of the entire package including the license manager itself. See License Manager Hosted.

Webinar – OpenLM Core Functionality

  • The primary functionality explained
  • Main reports demonstrated
  • Graphs and charts

Webinar – OpenLM Extensions

  • Alerts
  • External databases
  • App Manager
  • What’s new

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