OpenLM Core Functionality Webinar

Webinar Date: 27th October 2020

Going over the main reports of OpenLM, show how OpenLM allows for increasing license utilization while decreasing license spending.

OpenLM for Engineering Licensing

OpenLM is a software license monitoring and management system for optimizing the usage of your software licenses.

It shows you application usage patterns and statistics to help you ‘stretch your expensive software licenses to their limit’. OpenLM for Engineering Licensing is the main product package of OpenLM; it provides all the essential engineering software license tracking capabilities and reports for optimizing your software inventory.

License Servers

This shows you exactly what is happening right now, as all your license servers can be viewed in one place.

License Usage report

Showing you how far you are from maxing out your licenses, and if in fact they are utilized to an agreed level.

Denials report

This shows you the number of denials per user, group, feature, or any dimension you select.

License Utilization report

This shows you exactly how many licenses you need from a certain feature.

Licenses Not In Use report –

Indicates which features were never used, and how many licenses were actually wasted due to no usage.

License Activity –

Reports on all the sessions and allows for aggregating data by user, group, feature, or any dimensions you select.

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