See OpenLM in action | Save at least 15% of Annual IT License Cost with OpenLM

Webinar Date: 28th July 2022

A complete session showcasing OpenLM products’ live demo to monitor/use/govern/manage engineering licensing, specialty licensing and SaaS applications be it on-premise, cloud or perpetual. Manage various license types: single, networked, named users, token based, cloud based, dongle, etc across various OS. Also, whether you are using software vendors (Autodesk, Dassault, ESRI etc..) or not Protect your IT License Cost by knowing exactly how many licenses are being used across the organization – locally, regionally, globally vs. how many you actually bought and thus optimize software assets by stretching their limit. Not just this, unleash the power of pre-built OpenLM Reports that would help you gather insights of software license usage feature wise, group wise department wise, project wise, country wise, and thus help you to be compliant. And, save you from any compliance breach while being secured all the time (GDPR, BDSG and more).

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