We are OpenLM

OpenLM is a Gartner-recognized leading global provider of software license management solutions for engineering software applications, specialty software apps, and saas based apps. We are recognized by Entrepreneur.com, NA Customer Centricity Awards 2022, Capterra, Software Advice, SoftwareSuggest, Trust radius.

We change the game of software asset management and software license management by helping any brands of the world- small, medium, large and enterprises

Our Journey

Founded in 2007, the company has established a global install base that includes many of the world’s largest corporations in the Fortune Global 500 and Global 1000.


It has 6+ branches in many countries, such as Israel, the USA, India, Moldova, France, Germany, Austria, and Japan around the world. Our story started with our founders, Oren Gabay and Rachel Bahar, who used to work as GIS manager and GIS software team leaders. They found that their organization purchased new ArcGIS licenses frequently, while many that had been purchased were not used. This gave them a vision of something better, a vision of efficient license usage where new software licenses are purchased only when really needed. They went ahead and created OpenLM and have never looked back since! They duplicated the concept of what they had done for ArcGIS to Autodesk and the product scope has since spread to thousands of engineering software applications.

Our Leadership Team

Oren Gabay
Rachel Bahar
Ivan Tihon
Branch Manager
Ayaon Ghosh
Apac Business head
Branislav Potocek
Yavesh Chauhan
HR Manager

Our core values

We’re working every day to live the values and principles we believe in and help our clients achieve — including a mission to build trust and solve important societal problems. Our core values include:

Build strong teams and empower them to succeed

While many leaders focus on innovating their products and services, they often forget that the ideas for these innovations come from their team members. Additionally, leaders are often fearful of a looming brain drain, expecting their top talent to flee for more innovative, technology-savvy companies.

We at OpenLM decided to provide a solid base of support and an opportunity to our team members and were miles ahead of organizations in the ongoing war for talent. In addition, this increases loyalty and leads to retention and in turn, attracts other top talents. The culture is collaborative and inclusive and this reflects top down and bottom up as well.

Best place to work for women

Here are a few steps that we have taken to promote women empowerment at the
workplace making our company the best place to work for female employees
Best place to work for women

Here are a few steps that we have taken to promote women empowerment at the workplace making our company the best place to work for female employees

Encourage women to make the leap
It is a great way for companies to help women achieve success; this actively encourages women to take more risks and opportunities. External support is an ideal way of building self-confidence.
Promote a fair parental leave policy
A fair and robust parental leave policy will eliminate the stigmatization and complexity of women returning to work after having children. And this will mark the future success of empowered women in the workplace, respecting the shared vision and needs of women.
Create new roles for women, so companies can develop better
Time has changed, and it is time to change the “usual” job. Women offer a unique and different perspective to the business world. This is something we have to celebrate and integrate. Instead of encouraging women to take on the roles they have played for decades, we paid more attention to the development of new roles and criteria for how the recruitment of smart women is created.
Equal opportunity
OpenLM has a policy of providing equal opportunity to all members, regardless of gender, whether they are men or women. Giving each team member an equal opportunity to actively contribute is a purpose of every department, from administration to decision-making.
Customer satisfaction is the key
Our success heavily depends on our ability to connect with our customers on a consistent basis, share the best possible results and stick to our core value of constantly measuring and improving. We are not afraid to change things when it’s not working. Everyone is empowered and acts like a CEO of their work which build the core of our team – Accountability | Ownership | Leadership.
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