LDAP Connector

The cloud-based bridge between organizational directories and your software

Synchronization among enterprise applications and organization directories is now required in any enterprise application. Integrate your customer’s directory with your software using LDAP Connector. LDAP is used in Microsoft’s Active Directory, but you can also integrate other directories such as eDirectory, Apache DS, Azure AD, Google CDS, and AWS Directory.

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Reduce total cost of ownership

Integrate any organizational directory that supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) protocol with your product. Eliminate the time and cost of developing this feature on your own.

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Simplify user management

Adapt the application’s functionality to your customer’s identity and access management structure. Support the integration of organization units, groups, or just users with your app out-of-the-box.

Eliminate security risks

Dormant accounts provide ideal conditions for hackers to access your customer’s data without being noticed for a lengthy period of time. Provide organizations the option to onboard and offboard end users securely and keep their central directory in sync with your application.

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Let your customers use their preferred centralized identity management solution

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Easy to deploy

Sign in to your OpenLM Portal account, activate LDAP Connector, and follow the steps to integrate your customer’s central identity service with your product.

Speeds up app deployment

Immediately leverage the benefits of synchronizing your application with Active Directory or other LDAP directories.

Rock-solid infrastructure

Our cloud solution synchronizes millions of identities and has been deployed in numerous on-premises installations.

About OpenLM

OpenLM is a global leader in software license management solutions for engineering and specialized software applications. Originally, the LDAP Connector was designed by OpenLM as an enterprise solution to solve the directory integration requirement internally. We are now ready to offer our stress-tested solution to the developers’ community.

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