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Handy reports and cost effectiveness of implementation

Our customer is a big automation company with a long history. Today the company provides one of the leading automation software brands. This software vendor has the same challenges in managing software licenses as their customers do. We spoke to a person, who is responsible for managing software licenses to understand some of the challenges encountered.

Senior CAE/CAD of Engineering Analyst

As a supplier of software for automation, constant innovation is required, and the Company has users working globally to keep their product range relevant. Most of the software purchased is used in Engineering Services, that assist companies the world over to come up with innovative and reliable solutions for their hard engineering problems. Where possible, global licenses have been negotiated, such as a 3000-user licence with Autodesk, predominantly using AutoCad for electrical product development (75%).

There are other products which the Company relies upon, such as Ansys, Mathworks, PTC Creo, and Mentor Graphics.

Clearly, with such a large portfolio of software, a license management product is required and the Company selected OpenLM because of its strong alignment with engineering software products, as well as its ability to optimise utilization and still provide high availability to users across the globe.

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OpenLM provided us with a single tool to track usage for all of our tools

Senior CAE/CAD of Engineering Analyst

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The budget was spread across the businesses that use the tools we support. This required us to monitor usage so that the cost could be distributed to the businesses that used the tools

Senior CAE/CAD of Engineering Analyst

Custom Development Solution and Usage Tracking

The major concern our Customer faced was to track the usage of the licenses as they were continuously required by the diverse teams being set up at real different locations. Before OpenLM, usage of inhouse custom solutions across tools they support, made it extensively tedious for the finance group, also the budget not being allocated as per the actual usage which in turn made cost distribution a difficult task.

There appeared a dire need for a centralised tool which can help track the actual usage and cost based on that usage.

“The usage data helps us determine what’s being used so that when we renew our tool contracts we only get what we need or is used”
Senior CAE/CAD of Engineering Analyst

“We pull the usage data from OpenLM and generate Power BI reports to show usage and cost based on usage. For each tool we support we had a custom developed solution for tracking usage. OpenLM provided us with a single tool to track usage for all of our tools”.

OpenLM, The Choice

“We implemented OpenLM to start tracking usage and reporting on that usage”.

Deciding on OpenLM was only after finding and probing upon several tools available, for years. Actual Usage Tracking requirement, OpenLM handy reports and cost effectiveness of implementing the tool were some conducive factors which made OpenLM a furthermore viable option to rely on.

Implementation was easy and required little if any support from OpenLM team, however, when needed, the team magnificently rose to the occasion. Going further POC only affirmed their decision of considering and finalizing OpenLM.

“Our primary goal was to allocate tool costs based on usage among businesses correctly. OpenLM enabled us to standardize on a common tool across our tools, and eliminate in-house custom solutions. We also know more about what tools are being used and how often.”

The software has paid for itself several times over. Our interlocutor expressed his overall satisfaction with our product, and we look forward to continuing our mutual relationship for years to come. Having optimized operation performance the Company has humongous success stories to be narrated. OpenLM was looked upon as a solution that would help them understand usage and drive allocations for tools costs and the company has clearly witnessed cost effectiveness and additional perks of having the solution.

One more quote: “Great tool and support!”

Getting started with OpenLM

If your organization wants to benefit from clear visibility, direct report access, no leakage of expenses (as well as the possibility of significant and rapid savings), then feel free to get in touch. If you are not sure where to start, then feel free to contact us any time for a no-obligation chat.

However, if you already know that OpenLM is for you and you cannot wait to get started, then we have a full 30-day free trial.

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