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As ServiceNow is a major partner to OpenLM we would like to develop more integrations between OpenLM and ServiceNow. The responsibilities of the developer is: 

  1. Design integration architecture incorporation with our Architecture and other related squads. 
  2. Develop the integration by utilizing interfaces from SN and OpenLM. 
  3. Gather integration requirements from our customers and internal knowledge. 
  4. Take the solution through the approval process until the integration is available on the store. 
  5. Keep all our existing integrations up to date.

About OpenLM:

OpenLM is among the most trusted global engineering and specialty software license management vendors (source: Gartner). Founded in 2007, today OpenLM has more than 1000 global customers. Almost 10% of these customers belong to the ‘Fortune 1000’ club and 400 of them are from the US.

Serving across 15+ industries – Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering Services, Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Semiconductors, Energy, Power & Utility, Gaming, Government, Telecommunication, Mining, Electronics, Construction, and more, OpenLM boasts of an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 4.6.

  • Founded in Pardesia, Israel in 2007.
  • Branches in USA, Moldova, Japan, France, and India.
  • Focussing on all geographies including North America, Europe, India, Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore, LATAM, and others.
  • GSA Contract holder.


OpenLM India is a subsidiary of OpenLM, Israel. This branch will be focused on enhancing OpenLM’s services and products across Asia and other continents. The R&D center in India will be responsible for bringing innovative products, services, and solutions to the global engineering and specialty software market.

Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

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