License Allocation Manager - LAM - OpenLM Software License Management
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We have been asked by potential customers for a License Allocation Management application. These are mainly companies that do not have a license management application and do not intend to purchase one in the near future. However, they do want to be able to manage the allocation of their licenses according to the policies and processes unique to their business. There are other customers who have an application that was either custom-built for them or developed in-house, which does not have any functionality to manage license allocation. We have also had a few enquiries from IT departments who use FLEXnet Manager for Engineering Applications, who need license allocation capabilities that FLEXnet does not provide.

In response to the demand, we have developed a new product, the License Allocation Manager (LAM). This product has been tailored to meet the most exacting needs of license allocation, permitting, among other options:-

  • License allocation for a single user, a group of users or multiple groups of users
  • Time of day management, via parameters that will help relieve the pressure on peak demand spikes.
  • Allocation or restriction of access to a complete application, a set of features within that application, or even a single feature.

If this is the license application you have been looking for