OpenLM & ServiceNow

A powerful combination

OpenLM’s ServiceNow integration represents the future of SAM and SLM

Two solutions, one platform

  • Centralized monitoring of all software applications and licenses
  • Optimization of expensive engineering software licenses
  • Potential savings on expensive engineering software licenses
  • SAM information integration for engineering software licenses
  • Customized BI interface

Which engineering app you’d like to manage within ServiceNow’s SAM platform?

How is engineering licensing different from traditional licensing?





License Allocation

Allocation by the license manager


License mobility




Concurrent use

End user compute/datacenter discovery

Discovery sources

License management servers

Why choose OpenLM integration into ServiceNow?

Increased visibility: the combines solution gives you complete view on usage and spend on engineering software by supporting all license models

Data-rich reports: everything you need to see the effective license position of the engineering licenses in a single common report format in the familiar interface. The license utilization data is provided by OpenLM, the interface by ServiceNow: license activity, usage, alerts, denials and much more

Automated workflows: harvest licenses sitting idle on the end user’s workstation, allocate licenses as you want and notify engineers of license availability. 


Manage your entire license portfolio in one place. OpenLM integration with ServiceNow. 

Helps you gain complete visibility and optimize engineering software portfolio by having a clear view on what you own, how those licenses are being used and helps you close the gaps so you can reduce costs. 

How engineering licensing works

ServiceNow normalizes the collected data and reconciles it with the entitlement records.

OpenLM provides you with the essential license monitoring capabilities and reports you need to actively manage all engineering software licenses.

OpenLM integrates with 70 license managers such as as FLEXlm, IBM LUM, Sentinel, IBM etc., bringing that information into ServiceNow software asset management solution. 

What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

  • The practice of managing and optimizing purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications.
  • Organizations often lack visibility and control of software license processes through their lifecycle
  • What software do you own?
  • Are you buying what you need?
  • Are you using what you have?

What is Software License Management (SLM)?

  • Brings visibility on your engineering software licenses
  • integrates with a variety of license management servers in your environment
  • Creates the common ground for reporting
  • It acts as a single system of record
  • Collects product usage data
  • Supplies the data on
  • License consumption
  • Denials
  • Optimization opportunities
  • Potential savings

Maximize efficient license usage and get more accurate procurement forecasting with OpenLM and ServiceNow

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