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OpenLM Case Studies

Below are links to case studies – customer success stories of users who describe their experiences with OpenLM.

See how users tell of the value they get from OpenLM, their experience with support, how they managed the implementation and even what brought them to the decision that OpenLM is the product they want to help them manage their engineering software licenses in an optimal manner.

George Washington University Case Study

OpenLM is saving the institution some $20,000 a year by making use of all existing software licenses.

With 8000 students and 42 departments providing courses in the arts and sciences, the College has a considerable investment in mathematical and CAD software to support its science and engineering students.

  • Large academic institution
  • Science and engineering courses that use mathematical and CAD software
  • Mathematical software such as Maplesoft, MATLAB and Mathematica
  • CAD software such as AutoCAD and Revit
  • Geospatial and remote sensing apps such as ERDAS Imagine and ENVI
  • Over 1000 users including students and researchers

“OpenLM has proven to save us time and money and within 6 months it paid for itself”

Wesley Berry, Assistant Director for IT Service Delivery, The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, George Washington University,, George Washington University

Array Architects Case Study

 $30,000 saving in annual licensing costs.


OpenLM was purchased by Array Architects to solve the problem of users booking out Autodesk assets Revit and AutoCAD and not freeing the licenses up when they were finished with them. IT Director Daniel R. Cadden wanted better control over these assets as well as improved visibility into what was happening in the concurrent license pool. He purchased OpenLM after a thorough evaluation, having confirmed that it fulfilled his requirements. Now users still tend to hog their licenses but accept that they will automatically be harvested when the licenses are idle. The purchase of OpenLM paid for itself within 60 days, as well as revealing cost savings.  

“OpenLM has been an essential tool to manage and control the use of our licenses”

Daniel R. Cadden

Array IT Director

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