Software Technical Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) - OpenLM Software License Management
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Software Technical Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)


OpenLM Ltd. (OpenLM) will establish and maintain an organization and process to provide Customer support for the OpenLM Software. The OpenLM Support Service Agreement is based on the terms and conditions of the OpenLM EULA and OpenLM Maintenance agreement, and does not replace them in any way.

Content of OpenLM Technical Support

  1. OpenLM will work to diagnose problems and performance deficiencies of the OpenLM Software, that will be reported by OpenLM clients.
  2. OpenLM will exert its best effort to cure such reported and reproducible errors in the Software.
  3. OpenLM Ltd. will provide telephone, online chat and email software support on a business day basis. Business days are defined as 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM GMT time (1:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST), excluding holidays and weekends.

Software issue report

Following a report made by an OpenLM customer, the OpenLM Support team will contact the reporter within one business day, in order to obtain required  information. Normally, initial contact times will be much shorter than a complete working day.

The Support team will attempt to reproduce the issue in house. During this process, the customer will be obliged to make his best effort to accomodate the support team’s request for data.

OpenLM will categorize the customer’s request as either a feature request a or a certified bug, and will proceed accordingly:

Bug handling

If the issue is reproduced,  the OpenLM Support team will try to provide a workaround or an alternative solution while collaborating with the OpenLM Development team to fix the issue.

The Support team will keep the customer updated on the progress of the bug-fix process.

Feature request handling

The OpenLM Support team will check if the required functionality does exists in the software and if it does, will instruct the the customer on how to implement it.

If otherwise, the OpenLM Support team will attempt to provide a workaround or an alternative approach to the customer’s requirement.

OpenLM Product management will decide whether, when and how such requested features are to be integrated within OpenLM, based on the available resources, business requirements and roadmap.

Implementation of additional or enhanced functionality will be communicated via the usual OpenLM communication channels, e.g. the OpenLM Newsletters, Blog posts and Website.

OpenLM provides custom development services for feature requests. Such development will not be covered by OpenLM Technical support agreement.