New at OpenLM – Server v21.12 and Identity Service v22.1


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We’re excited to announce several new releases across our portfolio of products, designed to help customers have a smooth transition to v21. Also, raising more and more awareness into their LM ecosystems, comprehending and better managing the consumption.

Here are the novelties in the latest released version:

Export License Activity Report

As per our customers’ requests, we have enhanced the mechanism of exporting massive license activity reports. These are heavy reports the users run quarterly. The query performance has raised substantially and the export functionality has been improved in order to take fewer resources from the system.

If the result of the export contains more than 100,000 rows we split the report into a few files.

Discover the License Filles Widget

This version brings in the ability to modify licenses directly in the Easy Admin and then upload them straight to your license manager. Easy! Furthermore, compare the Draft and the Original license files or upload new licenses from the user’s machine to Easy Admin, then modify them later at your convenience!

Detect FlexLM Overdraft License usage

Your FlexLM Licensing model may allow, during peaks, to obtain an overdraft license, which has a different pricing policy. Therefore, it is important to keep the fingers on the pulse and detect the patterns and times when the overdraft licenses are coming into use, then act accordingly.

Starting with this version, we draw forth the overdraft licenses.

Generate authorization file for OpenLM Broker before upgrading to OpenLM v21

Upgrading massive systems is done gradually, one step at a time. In Server v21, when used in tandem with Identity Service, an authorization file is generated in order to link the components. Upon our customers’ request, we developed a setting where you can generate the authorization file in advance,  this way, making the first smooth step towards v21. This configuration is achieved by using the Swagger, then generating the Broker authorization file.  Installing the latest version of Identity Service (v22.1) will allow you to perform this action. You might consider getting assistance from the support department.

Delivering on our mission

We, at OpenLM, do strive to deliver value by providing complete transparency and manageability for your licenses. We believe that people who are charged to provide clarity of their environments are better prepared to make strategic decisions for their organizations while using powerful tools such as OpenLM.

Do not hesitate to ask our support team for tips and tricks!

Stay tuned!

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