Agent Installation Guide


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OpenLM Agent Installation Guide

OpenLM Agent is the end-user tool of OpenLM System. The purpose of the agent is to allow OpenLM to interact with the end user in order to provide better license availability.
System administrators can have full control over the functionality that is available to the end user.

OpenLM Agent is a “lightweight” software that appears as a blue icon located on the end users “Windows Notification Area”. The system provides the following services:

  • Allowing the user to query license availability, license users and full users details.
  • Allowing the user to receive license availability notifications.
  • Allowing the user to report active project.
  • Allowing the administrator to release a license or close an application that is not in use.


Installation and configuration

Download the latest version of the Agent from our downloads area. The installation is a normal “Next-Next” installation, we will only explain the unusual parts.

Extension installation

“OpenLM Extensions” allows OpenLM to provide dedicated services to specific software systems. The extensions enable the “Save Project” functionality in case of a need to close the software remotely.

OpenLM extension licensing usage depends on another license from OpenLM.

“OpenLM Agent Installer” will suggest to install an extension if a supported system is installed on the local machine. Version 1.6 supports extensions for ESRI Desktop ArcGIS and Autodesk software. Selecting one of the available options will install the extension onto the software.

(The example above shows that extensions are available for ArcGIS network licenses and Autocad network licenses (from Autodesk).

When the installation finishes the “Agent Configuration Window” pops up:

OpenLM Server Settings:

OpenLM Server – OpenLM Server name. Note that it does not have to be the license manager server name, it may be, if OpenLM is installed on the same machine as the license manager.
Port – OpenLM Server port (by default 7012).

After setting server name and port, click “Check connectivity to OpenLM Server”.
If everything is configured properly, the system will show the following message:


Logger Configuration File – Sets the location of the “Agent Log File”.
Logging Level –  Sets the Agents logging level after the installation.
Box 1-  “Skip Double Instances Alert”.

This option enable or blocks warning alerts when trying to open two agent session simultaneously. This option is ON by default.

Box 2-  “Shut Agent When Products Are Inactive”.

This option is useful when installing OpenLM Agent on a  terminal server (Citrix for example). This option is OFF by default

Box 3- “Use Local Computer’s Proxy Settings”

This setting may solve possible problems when working with a proxy server. This option is OFF by default

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