Application Note 1003_a: OpenLM Groups License Activity Report tool


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The OpenLM Groups License Activity Report tool provides the ability to present an historical account of groups’ license usage sessions.

More details:

OpenLM provides an easy interface for monitoring software license usage. It does so for a constantly expanding variety of concurrent license manager types, e.g. FlexLM / Flexnet, Sentinel RMS Reprise RLM, MathLM, DSLS, Sentinel HASP, LM-X, IBM-LUM etc.

OpenLM is capable of reporting usage according to Users, User groups, Hosts, Host groups, Organizational Units and Projects. OpenLM’s web application – EasyAdmin – presents users’ accumulated data in a variety of real-time windows (e.g. “Active Products” and “Feature Usage Status” windows), and historical usage tables (e.g. “License usage” and “License activity” windows). See the OpenLM screenshots document for more information.

At the time of writing this revision, the current OpenLM version ( is not yet capable of presenting an historical account of groups’ license usage sessions (i.e. the groups’ equivalent of single users’ “License activity” window).

The OpenLM Groups License Activity Report tool provides this ability.

OpenLM License Activity

The EasyAdmin “License activity” window provides an account for all ended sessions on license managers that are monitored by OpenLM. This window contains columns for the user name, Feature name and Session start & end times. (Some items on the image below have been deleted for privacy considerations)

The users who populate this list are members of groups in the OpenLM database. These groups may be introduced either manually, or by means of LDAP (Active Directory) synchronization.

Please refer to these Application notes:

Application Note 2029_a: LDAP (Active Directory) Synchronization. Basic guide v1.8

Application Note 2029_b: LDAP (Active Directory) Synchronization. Comprehensive guide v1.8

And this video:

Synchronize Active Directory, and add users manually

for more information on OpenLM Groups.

In the image above, the ‘Engineering’ group has been selected for the time period from 22/10/2012 until now. In order to provide information for the Groups reporting tool, the information needs to be exported to a CSV file, using the green arrow icon (marked by a red rectangle).

OpenLM Groups reporting tool

Once the License Activity information was exported to CSV, the OpenLM Groups reporting tool may be employed:

  • Open the OpenLM Groups reporting tool.

  • Type in the exported file path.

  • Select the Date time format (in the example above it is dd/MM/yyyy)

  • Click the Start button.

After the tool is run, a CSV format file should be created and its directory presented on the desktop. This file’s default name is OpenLMGroups.csv, and it contains an historical account of OpenLM groups’ license usage

The default location for the output CSV, as well as for Log files is

For post-Vista Windows’ version:



For pre-Vista Windows’ version: this would be at:

C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataOpenLM

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